Effects of Early Relationships on Teenagers

Harmful effects of Teenagers falling in relationshipsYou might have listened to many romantic songs, had watched many romantic documentaries before, but now the song is much above than the lyrics, rhythm or music, now that movie scene is much above than your favourite actors romancing on screen. Now everything that has some love, makes you remind of that special someone. Now it’s the time to experiment a bit with that old boring school uniform and sticky oiled hair, because now its your ‘’First Teenage Relationship’’. Love is a very special feeling, a feeling that can make you forget all your pains and all your sorrows. But this beautiful feeling at times becomes the reason behind all your pains, especially when you are not grown up enough to understand the core of relationships. That’s what most commonly seen in teenage relationships.

Every relationship leaves certain impact on the person’s life, career and mentality but the Bad effects of early teenage relationships usually overcome the power of Good effects of early teenage relationships. The question is why early relationships are bad for teenagers? The answer is very simple, you are too young to handle the complexities, which you get to face in your teenage relationship. You well get to face a number of problems including your family, parents, teachers, friends, society etc.

Parents surely play a very important role in our life. If you consider their point of view, they will give hundreds of arguments in favor that, why not to fall in early teenage relationship? And surely, they will not find a single statement to support that, why to fall in early teenage relationships? Many people say that this mentality is just because of generation gap. No doubt it is a big generation gap, but this does not mean that our parents don’t understand our sentiments. According to our parents, there are no such Good effects of early teenage relationships. They had been through the same phase of life and hence they are very well aware of the fact that why early teenage relationships are bad for teenagers. Such teenage relationships thereby take generation gap to another level and causes friction, discomfort, and even sometimes hatred for the parents.

If we consider a certain psychological factors, which clearly state that in teenage a person is somehow developing psychologically, physically, mentally and emotionally. Thus teenage is a very crucial stage. When you are not completely grown up, you will go through very frequent mood swings; you will have a number of insecurities, anxiety and shortcomings. At teenage, every good or bad incident leaves an everlasting impact on our psychology.

There are many Bad effects of early teenage relationships.Every teenager thinks that they are going to marry their partner in future but the fact is teenage relationships very rarely turn into marriage. Almost all of them go through break up. In teenage heart brake becomes very hard to handle, in such a scenario teenagers hurt themselves, they could not concentrate on their career and studies and it becomes very difficult for them to forget that person. Being on a stage of rebound, teenagers indulge themselves into many bad habits like alcohol consumption, smoking etc, which may turn into addiction and further spoil their health and career.

We have seen many cases in which teenagers commit suicide after breakup. Most of the teenagers are found in phase of depression after a heart brake. Depression gets chronic when we don’t talk about it. It gets even serious when we distant our self from our friends and relatives and that’s what a teenager usually does after a heart brake.

Its not that teenagers are not aware of the harmful consequences of an early teenage relationships, but it is just the fact that they are in love and love is blind. If you would ask them, why to fall in early teenage relationships when it almost brakes you down? They’d support their emotions by making various optimistic love quotes like, there is no age, no time for love then why not to fall in early teenage relationships?

Well after all love issues are not as easy to understand. Love is always a beautiful feeling if you are mature enough. Maturity not only gives you patience but also makes you trust and understand your partner in a better manner. The essence of a relationship is thus, a bit hard to understand in teenage.

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