Does friendship between a boy and girl turn into marriage

Marrying a childhood friendStrong bond shared between a boy and girl can at times become difficult to understand and this can create problem for friends living in such relation and also for the society as a whole. We live in a society wherein boys and girls can never be seen as friends, girl and boy roaming together are considered as lovers and if they are seen holding hands then there are rumours about their marriage all around the place. Hence it is clear that boy and girl friendship is not at all taken casually. However biggest question lies about what is the end result of girl boy friendship or can a girl boy friendship turn to marriage. There are many things to be considered to arrive on to the conclusion as to what leads to friendship between boy and a girl.

Physical affection

The friendship between boy and girl can be really a close one and they can get physically affectionate towards each other, this is one of the reasons which may lead to friendship of girl and boy turning to marriage. Two people expressing love for each other are often mistaken to be in love and at times even the boy and girl gets confused about their feelings for each other.  However deciding factor in this case is your body language and your heart which shall help you decide if you are really friends or something more than that which can finally lead to marriage.

Emotional Bonding

It is very well known that two close friends share their every bit of secret with each other, something about which they cannot talk to others. This kind of relationship is a lot special and marrying to a friend is thus considered as blessing in disguise. Often we keep our emotional side hidden from the society, to spare oneself from difficult situations or because they don’t want to become a laughing stock for people. These emotional sides is only shared with some special friends and family, and if the so called friendship turns into marriage then believe me you would feel at the best because you need not have to hide your emotions from your better half and would feel peace of mind and comfort in living.


Friendships between boy and girl is really special because it gives them someone on whom they can rely on and also acts for them as a support during difficult times. Both boy and girl have different perspectives towards a same situation, and this different perspective helps them to correctly think about a situation with two different angles and thus take a decision which seems to be more favorable. This kind of relation is commendable and I am sure one would not like to lose such a special place. This special relationship between boy and girl should therefore be protected and often this is another reason why friends tend to fall for each other and then get married such that they can share happiness, secrets, and comfortability for lifetime which is otherwise hard to find in other relationships.

What is special about girl boy friendship?

Can a girl boy friendship turn to lifelong relation is a big question which friends usually keeps on wondering and whether it will be accepted by friends and family members around them. Boy and girl must understand that marriage is one of the most important relations and the choice of better half should be made intelligently such that it can bring in happiness for you and your family. Every boy and girl are special, and if they are friends and find that there is something unique and sweet within their relation which they would not like to lose or would like to have it for lifetime, then they should understand that marriage in such a case would give them a bright and happy future just because of the fact that they understand each other and would be happy to be in each other’s life.

Marriage and Friendship is the purest form of relation

Both the relations are considered as most important relations and it is important to maintain the purity within them. Hiding secrets from partner should never be done as this may harm your relation and also not give you the peace of mind which you deserve out of this lifelong relation. Choosing someone else for marriage can be a difficult choice to make wherein you might have to think several times before sharing things with each other, and the reason of resistance can be your past life which you don’t want to share with someone who have just entered in. It would also put you in an awkward situation in front of your partner; however such situations need not have to be faced when you get married to your friend. Your friend is aware about you in and out, and there would be no need to hide things from them. This is one of the biggest reasons that even a small spark of love in friendship should be favored such that it can add on colors to your life and spread happiness for always on your face.

Friendship of girl and boy turning to marriage is certainly possible because of the compatibility and convenience they share with each other. It is hence suggested that society and friends should adopt a broader point of view about friendship turning into marriage as this will give children a lovable partner for lifetime that shall stand by them in all the situations and also marriages would last forever.