Different Types Of Kisses: Enjoying A Different Style Every Time

Are you bored of kissing your love in same manner as you usually do? Do you want to enjoy different style of kissing every time you meet your love? Then here is a long list of different styles of kissing. You can easily find the best styles of kissing your love. Here is the list of different types of kisses. You can also find different kissing styles to kiss a boy and different styles to kiss a girl. So here we go:

Popular styles of kisses

Here is the list of popular kissing styles for boys and girls both, But before you start kissing your loved ones, you must know about some mistakes that should be  avoided while kissing. If you are a woman then you must know that what man wants from you, and if you are a man then you should know that what woman wants from you. If you know this then kissing will be more passionate.

French Kiss

It is the famous kissing style to kiss your love. It is the type of open mouth kiss in which the tongue one partner touches the tongue of other partner. It is popularly known as the tongue kiss. This kiss is very easy to execute.

Butterfly Kiss

While kissing in butterfly style, you need to come very close to eye lashes of your partner so that on kissing, you flutter your eyelashes along the eyelashes of your partner. You can even give your partner a solo butterfly kiss to your partner by fluttering your eye lashes.

Single Lip Kiss

While giving your partner a single lip kiss, just suck off the single lip of your partner and go for a romantic single lip kiss.

Spiderman Kiss

This kiss is a different position kiss in which the face of your partner is upside down and then your top lip kisses the bottom lip of your partner.

Earlobe Kiss

This kiss involves taking the earlobe of your partner between your lips. To make your kiss more romantic involve the movement of your kiss to the earlobe of your partner, sucking the earlobe gently.

Lip Gloss Kiss

It is a flirty type of kiss for the girls to give to their boyfriend. Just put on the lip gloss and rub your lips on your partner lips till your partner’s lips are coated with lip gloss. Now suck your partners lip deeply.

Eskimo Kiss

In this kiss, both the partners run their nose forth and back against each other. This type of kiss can be given to good friends too.

Cheek Kiss

This is type of kiss in which your partner gives you the close mouth kiss on your cheek. It is also called a good bye kiss.

Different forms of kisses to tryHickey Kiss

This type of kiss is popular with the name ‘love bite’. In this your partner sucks your body skin hard and this leaves a reddish-blue mark on your body called love bite of hickey kiss. Just suck harder a and leave a good mark.

Secret Message Kiss

This kiss is done in the middle of French kiss, when you both roll your tongue in each other’s mouth.

Vampire kiss

Sounds like a horror kiss. It is a deep kiss on the neck of your partner. This involves little sucking of and skin and biting on the lips.

Wet Kiss

This is one of the different forms of kisses without the involvement of tongue. It just involves your saliva and licking of each other’s saliva to provide a wet look to the kiss.

Lizard Kiss

This is the form of kiss in which you put your tongue in and out your partner’s mouth exchanging your saliva.

Love Kiss

This is the freestyle kissing in which you smooch your partner hardly embedding your efforts to seduce your partner.

Go through these different types of kisses and  plan a perfect romantic passionate kiss for your love. So try out these different forms of kissing on your partner and give a new way to kiss partner. Enjoy each and every form of kissing.

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