Common Reasons for Infertility in Males

ways men should deal with infertilityHaving a baby is the most beautiful thing in this world. Unfortunately nowadays lives of men and women have become so stressful and hectic that the chances of infertility in men and women are increasing day by day. Couples these days are more concerned about their career and success that they don’t pay attention to signs of infertility in men due to which they are not better prepared to deal with such problems. If you are like any other couple, you might be blaming yourself for not being able to conceive which thus brings pressure on your relationship with each other, family and friends. But only if you could understand the common reasons of infertility in males, you would be able to find many solutions to it before they actually happen. It is essential to understand the causes of infertility in males so that you could find out the root cause of what causes infertility by which you could be better prepared to resolve in time or take necessary actions beforehand.

  • The common reasons of infertility in males include problems like sperm production or semen function issues. This may include abnormal shape of sperm, infections or hormone deficiency.
  • The reasons of infertility in men may be due to lower count of sperms which is caused due to lifestyle factors like age, general health problems or excessive exposures to harmful chemicals and pesticides. Even excessive stress, obesity, alcohol, drug usage, malnutrition could also be general reasons of infertility in men. The most common signs of infertility in men are excessive obesity and other health problems.
  • Even excessive heat may impair sperm production in men are some of the causes of infertility in males. Doctors have also found in many studies that saunas or other hot water treatments may lower sperm production in males.
  • The problems of sperm delivery could also be another reason why males go infertile. Poor sperm delivery may be caused due to sexual difficulties like premature ejaculation, erection difficulty, STD, diseases like cystic fibrosis or infections.

Addressing the Problem of Infertility

Finding ways to manage stress can be helpful factor to avoid any problems during getting pregnant. If you have enough knowledge about why males go infertile, you can easily look forthe signs of being infertile. Once couple realizes their options, they can easily explore the reason in detail. The first step to overcoming this problem is by proper diagnosing the root causes of why males go infertile. The source of infertile may lie in either of the couple, so determining the cause numerous tests, evaluation and analysis by a specialist may help in improving the chances of pregnancy. Men’s semen analysis and testing is one such option. Many people even start taking semen tests before trying pregnancy. This way they are even better prepared for taking necessary precautions. Female infertility reasons may be to problems related to ovulation, menstruation, endometriosis or other ovarian syndrome.

So it is important to understand what causes infertility in both men and women and identify those reason in due time so that it could be avoided.