Common Reasons for Infertility in Females

Why women go infertileNot being able to get pregnant could be very frustrating for many couples. It is even worse when you don’t even know the reason for the same. Many people want to know what causes infertility and why females go infertile. Although the whole process of pregnancy may sound easier but there could be many problems which may end up preventing pregnancy. So there could be lots of reasons of infertility in women. Some of the reasons may be easier to prevent while other could be quite complicated. It is important to remember to look for signs of infertility in women, so that the problem could be prevented. In this article we have provided reasons of infertility in women.

Common Reasons of Infertility in Women

With males, most of the time sperm is due to which is what could be the causes of infertility in females. Sperms could be of lower quality. Low count of sperm is not good for conception in ladies. While there could be many common Reasons of infertility in Females.

The most obvious reason is due to age factor for a lady which is the obvious reason why females go infertile. After 35 years of age, fertility rate for women decreases rapidly. Age makes it harder for women to conceive. Even drinking alcohol, smoking or using any kind of drug could also cause infertility. It is better to avoid these kind of bad habits as it could end up causing difficulty in getting pregnant for ladies. Smoking or drinking can relate to each other to cause low sperm count and other female issues.

The most common reasons could be some sort of ovulation problem. The main causes for this could be due to hormonal imbalance in females, which could be due to irregularity of periods or menstrual periods. The common signs of infertility in young women are irregularity of periods. In some cases, it could be due to low body weight, or due to any rapid change in weight which could cause imbalance. Simple lifestyle like dieting or excessive training could cause such medical problem resulting in increase in irregular or absent menstrual periods. Some of the signs of infertility in women include excessive weight or hormonal imbalance. Another reason could due to women’s body not producing enough hormones known as progesterone since pregnancy depends on a fertilization of eggs for successful pregnancy. As women approaches menopause, her ovaries could stop responding to hormones which could be one of the signs of infertility in young women.

Medical reasons also include cervical disorders during ovulation which prevents sperms from fertilizing the egg. Even abnormal uterine lining could also be one of Common reasons of infertility in females. Another reason which causes of infertility in females is a medical condition known as endometriosis. Endometriosis is another reasons associated with infertility, which requires surgical treatment to cause pregnancy.

It is important to remember that what causes infertility could be easily if proper precautions while planning for a baby. However if you still feel difficulty in conceiving, it is important to consult an infertility specialist who could treat the patients well enough.