Common Reasons for Breaking of Hymen in Girls

Hymen is the most widely misunderstood part of the female body. The tiny membrane has created multiple controversies over the years. The absence of hymen in woman is not a sure shot reason to believe that a girl has been involved in any immoral activity. Indian men prefer to marry virgin girl because of this disbelief. In the article below we will cover the must know reasons for breaking of hymen in girls and several myths about girls with broken hymen.

Can Hymen break without having sex?

Is Sex the only reason for breaking of Hymen? No! Most Certainly! Various activities such as bicycle riding, horse riding, gymnastics, dancing, and stretching can lead to hymen break. These strenuous activities can cause this tiny membrane to tear apart. Besides that in some cases masturbation or use of tampon during menstruation can also cause hymen break. However, in most cases this might not be absolutely true either. Fingering yourself or using a tampon does not necessarily break a hymen. However, it might stretch the hymen and cause the initial holes to widen up. Thus, when the hymen finally breaks down during fingering or by use of tampon, it might lead to little bleeding.

Is sex only reason for breaking of hymen?

No. As mentioned above any type of strenuous activity might lead to hymen breakage. Moreover, like most other body parts of women the size of this tissue may vary from woman to woman. In some cases hymen may not be present at all.

How to tell that a girl is virgin?

There is only one way you can tell whether a girl is virgin or not. Simply ask her. There is no other way that you can find out!

Can a girl get pregnant without breaking hymen?

Hymen is a thin membrane with several holes on it. During any type of strenuous activity the holes might widen up. As, blood can pass through these widened holes, so can the sperms. Thus, a girl can get pregnant without even breaking a hymen at all.reasons of hymen break in girl

Is hymen the reason of blood during first sex?

No! Sex is taxing to the body. Because of the constant thumping on the vaginal openings during sex the vaginal tissues might get affected and produce blood. This is the reason why there is bleeding during the first intercourse.

If sex causes bleeding then why is there no bleeding on subsequent intercourses?

The vaginal openings of the woman tend to widen up after first sex and hence in subsequent encounters it might not lead to blood loss.

Final Words

In the article above we have covered all the myths and facts related to the much hyped hymen. One last thing that you need to know about hymen is hymenoplasty. This is a process of getting an artificial hymen. It is a surgical restoration of hymen. The membrane is fixed in the vaginal opening and when this artificial membrane breaks during any of the reasons as mentioned above a red liquid similar to a blood might be released. This is a medical surgery undertaken by women to prove their virginity to their partner.