Bollywood Love Marriages That Ended In Divorce

Marriages are made in heaven. But a successful marriage is that you make your spouse feel like they are in heaven. Marriage takes a lot of promises and commitments. Many Divorce cases are reported when the heart and promises break. Bollywood has been a place for many people who have found their heart and have had their knots tied. Bollywood marriages are more sensational across the globe. Bollywood stars have come across religious and other boundaries to make their But there are few Love Marriages in Bollywood That Ended with a Divorce. Continue reading “Bollywood Love Marriages That Ended In Divorce”

Best New Year Gifts for Wife: Make Her Feel Special

New Year Gifts to Present WifeA gift giving occasion is the perfect time to express your love and care towards your wife and to express this love it is important that you find out the most unique gift for her. Women always appreciate beautiful gifts, especially when it has been gifted by their husbands. As New Year is approaching it is the time to prepare yourself with another gift idea her. Gift ideas for wife this New Year may include jewellery, party accessories, dresses, crockery etc and one may choose anything depending on the choice of his wife. There are various ranges of gifts available in the market but it is important to pick up something which is the best New Year gift for wife. While you are planning a gift for wife this New Year you can go through some of the ideas mentioned below which can help you select one option for her. Continue reading “Best New Year Gifts for Wife: Make Her Feel Special”

Best Christmas Gifts for Wife: Surprise Your Wife This Christmas

Christmas GiftsChristmas is here, and it is the perfect time to think for something special for your wife. This special can be in the form of a good Christmas gift for your wife. This gift would make her feel happy and will also make her feel alive from bottom of her heart. We have shared some gift ideas for wife this Christmas which will also help you in planning a gift for wife this Christmas. Have a look ahead and come across some of the best ideas for Christmas. Continue reading “Best Christmas Gifts for Wife: Surprise Your Wife This Christmas”

Does friendship between a boy and girl turn into marriage

Marrying a childhood friendStrong bond shared between a boy and girl can at times become difficult to understand and this can create problem for friends living in such relation and also for the society as a whole. We live in a society wherein boys and girls can never be seen as friends, girl and boy roaming together are considered as lovers and if they are seen holding hands then there are rumours about their marriage all around the place. Hence it is clear that boy and girl friendship is not at all taken casually. However biggest question lies about what is the end result of girl boy friendship or can a girl boy friendship turn to marriage. There are many things to be considered to arrive on to the conclusion as to what leads to friendship between boy and a girl. Continue reading “Does friendship between a boy and girl turn into marriage”

How does Counseling helps in Saving Marriage

marriage counselling the saviour of marriagesMarriages is one of the most important relationship which we build up during our life and when such a marriage is on the verge of separation, people tend to search for various alternatives which shall help the couple to overcome such a situation and save their marriage. One of the things which come to their mind is to seek help of marriage counselor and can counseling save marriage. The difficult situation in a marriage is an alarming situation wherein counselors should be consulted and relied upon to guide the couple. There may be various reasons to take marriage counseling but the most important one is marriage counseling saves marriage. So before anyone calls a quit it is good to give marriage a second chance and call a marriage counselor. Continue reading “How does Counseling helps in Saving Marriage”

4 Reasons to Match Kundali before getting Married

Relevance of Kundli Matching in MarriagesMarriage is an auspicious occasion for any Indian. As a matter of fact our whole world revolves around marriages. For us it is not just about tying the knot, it is more like a festival to be celebrated not just by the bride or groom but by their respective clans. Each and every person associated with the households is deeply engrossed in the preparations which play a crucial role in the successful completion of the holy ceremony. Continue reading “4 Reasons to Match Kundali before getting Married”

How to know Your Girlfriend is Marriage material or not

Are you Marriage Material GirlfriendMarriage is an important issue in an individual’s life and it is completely a toss and a matter of luck. People opt to live in relationships to know their partners well, but when it comes to marriage, the expectations change. Your marriage can work or not, can be understood only after getting married. For all those men who are still thinking whether their girlfriends are ideal for marriage or not, this piece of work will give Tips to know perfect marriage material girl and how to know your girlfriend is marriage material or not. Continue reading “How to know Your Girlfriend is Marriage material or not”

Sharing Social network Password with Spouse

The technology brings us a lot of happiness and comfort in our lives. It needs to be also known and understood that it has its own disadvantages too. Technology impacts our life a lot. It is a great pleasure to share our happening with someone very special in our life living across sea on a video conference. The latest trend in technology is social networking. Social networking services are offered by many providers like Facebook; twitter etc. we find a lot of re-union happening over such networks. But does it bother our personal life? Continue reading “Sharing Social network Password with Spouse”

Is It Important to Hire a Wedding Planner for Wedding

Wedding is one of the biggest occasions for both the bride and groom and also for their families. The families in the wedding would like to make the best of everything to make wedding the most memorable moment for the couple or the guests. With wedding come various responsibilities which have to be managed in a proper way to escape from any kind of mess. While organizing the function one may think should I hire a wedding planner or not. Although there are several people around in the wedding who can help you manage the things but you cannot be sure if things will take place flawlessly. Keeping all of this into mind it becomes important to hire the best wedding planner for wedding. Once you have decided to hire wedding planner for wedding make sure that you find best wedding planner in India who have the capability of making the marriage the most beautiful moment of your life.

benefits of Hiring Wedding Planner for wedding Continue reading “Is It Important to Hire a Wedding Planner for Wedding”

Indian Wedding Decoration: Add Glamour and Glitz to Your Marriage Venue

Marriage Hall decoration Ideas for Indian MarriageElaborate decoration is an integral part of Indian weddings. The present generation Indian couples prefer embellishing their wedding venues with bright colors and rich, eye-catching decorations effusing signs of happiness ad celebration. Colorful weddings need necessary planning, preparation and coordination with flower decoration to reflect the conventional styles and customs associated with wedding ceremony. If you do not have the required time for planning the decoration, you can seek help from a premier wedding planner. Continue reading “Indian Wedding Decoration: Add Glamour and Glitz to Your Marriage Venue”