Negative Impacts of Divorce between Couple on Their Kids

Marriage is of course the union of two souls. It is too uncertain and marriage is not always successful. It may end up having a divorce. If the marriage ends before even having a kid, then the impact is much less. But, life becomes hell when divorce impacts on kids do not let the child to grow. There are a number of reasons for increasing rates of divorce day by day that you can find in preceding link.  Let us learn about negative impacts of divorce on kids. Continue reading “Negative Impacts of Divorce between Couple on Their Kids”

Bollywood Love Marriages That Ended In Divorce

Marriages are made in heaven. But a successful marriage is that you make your spouse feel like they are in heaven. Marriage takes a lot of promises and commitments. Many Divorce cases are reported when the heart and promises break. Bollywood has been a place for many people who have found their heart and have had their knots tied. Bollywood marriages are more sensational across the globe. Bollywood stars have come across religious and other boundaries to make their But there are few Love Marriages in Bollywood That Ended with a Divorce. Continue reading “Bollywood Love Marriages That Ended In Divorce”

How does Counseling helps in Saving Marriage

marriage counselling the saviour of marriagesMarriages is one of the most important relationship which we build up during our life and when such a marriage is on the verge of separation, people tend to search for various alternatives which shall help the couple to overcome such a situation and save their marriage. One of the things which come to their mind is to seek help of marriage counselor and can counseling save marriage. The difficult situation in a marriage is an alarming situation wherein counselors should be consulted and relied upon to guide the couple. There may be various reasons to take marriage counseling but the most important one is marriage counseling saves marriage. So before anyone calls a quit it is good to give marriage a second chance and call a marriage counselor. Continue reading “How does Counseling helps in Saving Marriage”

How to get child custody after divorce in India

When divorce becomes inevitable, there are a lot of factors that needs to be attended. Nobody marries in a view point to get divorced. It is a compulsion made to us by time. And if It involves Child Custody in India,it is better that both the husband and the wife be prepared by knowing the facts of legal procedures before filing a divorce. There are few Child Custody Law in India with which you need to fit it yourself and your case. However till the age of 5, child needs to be in the care of their mothers. Fathers just have the visiting rights at this stage. But it is even possible for a father to get his child’s custody after the age of 5 of the kid if the person is able to take care of the child’s development and growth at a par that can be given by a mother. Continue reading “How to get child custody after divorce in India”

Why Divorce Rate is Increasing Day by Day

Marriage is a sacred bonding that has been decided by the laws of nature. It unites two souls and entwines them in passionate love and trust. The memories and feeling thrive even after that and such is the symbolic meaning of the nuptial knot of marriage. Much to everyone’s dismay people have tarred this meaning and have demeaned this bonding. There have been many reasons for increasing divorce rate in recent times that has lynched the truth and beauty of relation. It is important to understand why have divorce rates increased over time. Marriages are believed to be set in heaven but with the fast technology and pace of life, people have found different reasons to get married which fail to support their relation in the long run and this cause major loss to kids. How common is divorce and what are the reasons. Read out the extract and get a vivid notion about divorces and the major factors behind it. Continue reading “Why Divorce Rate is Increasing Day by Day”

What is the procedure to file a divorce

divorce filing procedure and tipsSome marriages have bad endings i.e. a divorce takes place and this may happen because of various reasons. Survival of two people in a relationship becomes impossible and they choose to get separated instead of living unhappily together. This phase is one of the most difficult phases of anyone’s life and you may get affected mentally and psychologically because of this. In spite of all this, it is sometimes unavoidable and you don’t have any other option else than this, so let’s study about how to file divorce in India. Continue reading “What is the procedure to file a divorce”

8 Effective Ways to Get Over a Divorce

Ways to divorce happily

Marriage is very sensitive relationships where you have dealt with at most care. It is very easy when you have to end up a relationship of marriage with a divorce. Whatever might be the reason for the breakup, whether you wanted it willingly or you were not at all prepared for a divorce, it can turn your whole world into a mess and can give place for all types of painful feeling and emotions. But hold on before shuttering yourself. There are many things you can do to get over a divorce. How to move on after a divorce will be a question that a heart person might have in their minds. There are many ways in which you can move on. Try to be cheerful and happy and make yourself realize that it is going to alright very soon. Continue reading “8 Effective Ways to Get Over a Divorce”

Reasons behind breakups to be avoided in any relationship

Do you know reasons behind breakups in any relationship? Individuals everywhere throughout the world experience a separation consistently, and a large number of these individuals never invest much time taking a gander at the reasons the separation happened in any case. Want to know why the relationship breakup for foolish reasons? Throughout a separation we do have a tendency to over-investigate our relationship; we appear to concentrate on the easily overlooked details that happened as opposed to the relationship all in all. One of the least difficult and frequently searched over purposes behind a separation, division or separation is the absence of correspondence between both accomplices. Frequently for a long time one must know each other carefully and avoid hurting others. Continue reading “Reasons behind breakups to be avoided in any relationship”

How to Save Marriage from Divorce

How to Save Marriage from DivorceMarriage is one the toughest and the most beautiful phase in life. There are many changes that one has to face during the times of marriage. You meet a new person and adjusting according to them is not as easy as it seems. In these times of complexities and the modern thinking people, marriage has become very easy and if it does not work out, divorce is being chosen right then. It is taken up very lightly and it does not matter at all to people having divorces. One has to think that it is the two people and their lives are involved in it. Sorting out the problems and issues will tell you how to save the marriage from divorce. Just talking and explaining to each other will be more than enough to make ways to save marriage from divorce.

Six important steps to save marriages from divorces

While having the issue and the problem, one does not know what to do to save marriage from divorce. One does not know how to overcome the situation of divorce in marriage. There are a few effective tips to save marriage from divorce and this will help a lot.

  • Talk to your partner. Try to solve the issue.
  • Ensure that there is no place for misunderstanding and misconceptions.
  • Spend time with each other. Spending quality time with each other will help one to know each other better.
  • Make special arrangements. Have a candle light dinner. Make your partner know and realize that you love him/her a lot.
  • Never give up on the relationship. Keep trying and keep convincing until your partner gets convinced. Keep him/her happy and keep expressing your love and feelings for him/ her.

These are some of the best ways to save marriage from divorces. Make a note of everything that has to be sorted out. Keep writing and keep reminding yourself for not to repeat it again. Have a list of the things that you have to do for your partner to make him/her realize that you love him/her a lot and you cannot live without them. Make a sorry and apology note and try to ask for forgiveness in a special way. These are some of the strategic plan to save marriage from divorce.

Six unconventional methods to save marriage from divorce

These are some of the steps to prevent divorce in married life.

  • Go out and spend time with each other.
  • Arrange a date and make some special arrangements like candle light dinner or so.
  • Go for holidays and talk to each other about the good times that you had together.
  • Make an apology note and ask for forgiveness.
  • Do everything in a special way. Invite your partner’s friends at home and spend time enjoying. Do everything which your partner likes and make sure that you express your feelings openly.
  • Keep proposing and accept the love in public.

These will tell you how to prevent divorce in married life. Stay married and stay happy.

Top 11 Reasons of Divorce Between Married Couples

“Couples are made in heaven” is a true saying, but still some of the people make this saying false due to the minor differences that they make major by avoiding them. Why divorce occurs between couples is really a mystery questions. What are the reasons of divorce? Though this question can be solve to some extent. Here are the top 11 reasons of divorce between married couples. Just see to these top 11 reasons of divorce between couples and resolve the conflicts if any of such reasons are interrupting your relationship. It is better to resolve the conflict and spend your relation till your last breath with your partner, whom you are married to. Continue reading “Top 11 Reasons of Divorce Between Married Couples”