My Girlfriend Cheated on Me: What Should I Do – Top 5 Signs

When we were in teens we thought love is invincible. Something that is exceptionally immune to other outside force and something that will overcome all the obstacles and come out stronger. However, as we grew up we realize that couples today are forgetting the meaning of loyalty and the bubble of love is pricked and infidelity has taken over in our relationships. Often we hear of boys cheating their girlfriends in a relationship. But it’s not just the boys but the girls too. Even the girls are found cheating boyfriends in a relationship. The good point is these things are often backed with warning signs. Many a time experts encounter questions such as, ‘my girlfriend cheated on me, what should I do?’ So, now with this article we’ll tell you how to find girl friend is cheating on you? Moreover, what are the ways to deal with cheating girlfriend? Read below to find out. Continue reading “My Girlfriend Cheated on Me: What Should I Do – Top 5 Signs”

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Maintaining a long distance relationship is quite tough but if you can manage it can be one of the most exciting and beautiful one. In the search to find the perfect Valentine gift, many people go through LDR gift guides and come up empty handed. But here are 5 best gifts to give your long distance girlfriend. You can gift her as Valentine’s presents for long distance relationships and make this Valentine’s Day memorable for your girlfriend. Continue reading “Top 5 Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day”

5 Relationship Problems after Marriage and Ways to Solve Them

After marriage we often begin to take relationships for granted. We don’t really intent to take relationships for granted. But as the saying goes we tend to forget how much something really matters to us until we stand a chance to lose it. Moreover, it tends to take a lot of effort to realize the importance and value of things in our life. With marriage there are multiple problems and stress building up every day. Depending upon the bond and comfort you share with your partner the degree of trouble in a relationship may vary too. Continue reading “5 Relationship Problems after Marriage and Ways to Solve Them”

My Boyfriend cheated on me – What should I do: Top 5 Signs

A relationship goes through several stages. Some of these are happy phases whereas in some cases things get rocky and ugly.  The problem is some people are so manipulative that you hardly can identity if the relationship is going through a rough patch or not. If you are not able to identify that a relationship is going through a tough phase you’ll never be able to know when the time to move on in life is. A lot of girls come up with this tricky question, ‘My Boyfriend cheated on me- What should I do?’ See, there is no definite rule to find out whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. However, if you actually are in the state of doubt then probably something is really going amiss in your relationship. Below, we have listed down few tips that will help you find boyfriend is cheating or not? Go through this list and access when it is the right time to pack your bags and move out of this relationship. Continue reading “My Boyfriend cheated on me – What should I do: Top 5 Signs”

Is Physical Intimacy Necessary in a Relationship or Love

Often questions like is physical intimacy necessary in a relationship or is physical relationship important in true love come before us. And we do need to think about. Nowadays physical intimacy between couples is common though still there are sections of people who don’t want physical intimacy in relations as they don’t prefer physical intimacy before marriage. The reasons can be many for not having physical intimacy with boyfriend such as reserved character, religious thinking, upbringing, surroundings, and personal choice. If you ask me how delaying intimacy can benefit your relationship, then it will help you to make you feel less guilty if for some reason that relationship don’t work out because for most Indians, sex before marriage is still considered to be a sin. Continue reading “Is Physical Intimacy Necessary in a Relationship or Love”

5 Biggest Regrets most Women have from their Relationship after Marriage

Marriage generally brings lots of happiness for a woman as it unites her with the man of her dreams. The experiences that they share and the love of her husband, the shoulder to cry on, someone to depend on simply makes a woman elated and excited. But, as we know, everything has its pros and cons. Likewise marriage also comes with bags and baggage. As marriage unites a woman with the man of her dreams, it brings a lot of happiness in her life. The cons of the marriage comes after the honeymoon period or better say after the happy-go-lucky phase as after that many women regrets marrying their husbands as usually there are reasons why women have more relationship regrets than men. Continue reading “5 Biggest Regrets most Women have from their Relationship after Marriage”

How to handle infidelity in relationship: Best Advices

This is a threat to relationship now. Yes – overcoming Infidelity in Relationships. Although, the topic might look or seem easy and simple, yet it is really not so easy for a partner to overcome infidelity in relationship and to continue the bonding.  The simple reason for this is it shatters the whole trust and mutual understanding that binds the relationship and leaves the affected person with emotions of betrayal, anger and agony.  As per the American association of Marriage, infidelity is the most common reason for break-down of relationship between the couple.  The blow is so impacting that it is really not easy to handle the situation.  Overcoming Infidelity in a relationship requires a lot of your efforts which has t be put emotionally. Continue reading “How to handle infidelity in relationship: Best Advices”

How To Control Possessiveness About Girlfriend When She Has Too Many Male Friends?

Many a time relationship fails because of the possessiveness of either of the two partners. Now the question is why do people get possessive in relationship? Largely, the possessiveness happens because of lack of trust and a communication gap. The important point here is no matter what was there in the past each of the two involved, people must focus on the present and try to carve a future for themselves. This future is not possible if you keep restricting your partner because of your possessiveness. Below, we’ll tell you ways to control possessiveness about girlfriend when she has too many male friends:   Continue reading “How To Control Possessiveness About Girlfriend When She Has Too Many Male Friends?”

4 Signs He’s Not That Into You: Know It How?

Can there be anything more irksome than dating a guy whose feelings are confusing? Some days, he’s all lovey dovey while some days he behaves like he hardly cares. Each time you call him up he’s busy somewhere or the other. Is he really busy or is it just a cover up to avoid you? A busy workday is fine, but no work hours last more than 12 hours ever. Didn’t he have even 5 minutes in a day to talk to you? Do questions like these keep bothering you more than often? Are you still unsure about his feelings for you? Below, we have provided you with few signs that are a clear indication that he’s JUST not into you. Continue reading “4 Signs He’s Not That Into You: Know It How?”

5 Great Ideas for Busy Couples to keep Romance alive in their Relationship

To maintain a good and steady relationship has become too tough for people especially when both are busy with their professional work. Nowadays, it’s very common to have both the partners working professionally and so they have to both their personal and work life together which is not that easy. Though it is financially good to have both sides working, but the same might not be the case in their personal world. The work pressure, hectic schedules and responsibilities normally takes away the time for loving each other. The main thing in a relationship is to give time to each other and have some quality time for romance and the lack of it might kill the relationship. So the below are 5 great ideas for busy couples to keep romance alive in their relationship and these ideas can be also used in case of married couples as easy romantic ideas to spice up your busy marriage. So do read on. Continue reading “5 Great Ideas for Busy Couples to keep Romance alive in their Relationship”