Virginity of Woman Decides Her Marriage in India: Indian Men Want Virgin Wife

The men’s notion to have a virgin wife has been in picture ever since the times of Mahabharata. Draupadi, despite being a wife of five Pandavas was considered to be the purest women on planet. This was because Lord Shiva had granted a special boon to her. The boon said that every time she takes a bath she’ll be virgin again. This is an enough proof to portray men’s obsession with a virgin girl. Below, we have listed down the exact facts explaining the reason behind this hypocrisy. Continue reading “Virginity of Woman Decides Her Marriage in India: Indian Men Want Virgin Wife”

How To Choose The Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type

Saree is the most stunning and ever-evolving traditional Indian dress that never fails to describe your beauty better than any other clothes but before wearing a Saree perfectly, you must know how to choose the perfect blouse for your body type, to look gorgeous and glamorous and when we come to the fashion perspective, so Saree is incomplete without the trendy blouses. It’s important to know your best look with the complete guide to choose a perfect blouse for your body type to give yourself an amazing look. Comfort-ability is one of the key factors of any design, it removes your concern from the dress and lets you enjoy everything. Continue reading “How To Choose The Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type”

Skipping Schools Leading to Wrong Activities among the Teenagers

Peers are one of the fantastic blessings for any teenager. But the peers need to be really good at values and should not drag teens to the bad side. Why not to bunk school? This is the normal mind set and the question that any teenager thinks of. It’s quite acceptable when a teen in college try to bunk classes but if this starts out happening in the high school, it’s a threat. Parents keep monitoring their kids but in few instances, even parents miss out to monitor the way. It’s of no use to monitor your kids after they start falling on issues and problems. Even sometimes, skipping school also leads to unsafe sex among teen girls which is very perilous for teenagers as well as for society too. Continue reading “Skipping Schools Leading to Wrong Activities among the Teenagers”

5 Foods that Hurt Male Fertility

Causes of Male Fertility

5 Foods that Hurt Male FertilityAfter a couple is tied in wedding lock, it aspires for a baby. In case female does not get pregnant, she only goes to consult the gynecologist while male fertility is equally important. So many times it happens that sperms for fertility are not produced in the testes of male due to one reason or the other. Causes for male’s fertility are that until the male sperms are not strong, a female cannot conceive a child. When a couple longs for a child, along with the female, a male should also take care of his diet because if there is any deficiency in the womb of the female, the supplement diet of the male can fulfill it. Continue reading “5 Foods that Hurt Male Fertility”

Work and Life Balances- Tips for Women

how mother can balance between lif and work The home moms and working moms complement each other; they have their own pains in bringing up their family. Balancing work and life is a great job which is done by women and can just be done only by them at all times. But amidst of all their talents, women has a great difficulty sometimes to cope up with two sides of her life when pressured. There are a lot of tips to create balance between life and work. This will provide some means in achieving healthier life work balance. Continue reading “Work and Life Balances- Tips for Women”

Sharing Social network Password with Spouse

The technology brings us a lot of happiness and comfort in our lives. It needs to be also known and understood that it has its own disadvantages too. Technology impacts our life a lot. It is a great pleasure to share our happening with someone very special in our life living across sea on a video conference. The latest trend in technology is social networking. Social networking services are offered by many providers like Facebook; twitter etc. we find a lot of re-union happening over such networks. But does it bother our personal life? Continue reading “Sharing Social network Password with Spouse”

How to make Pizza at Home without Oven Recipe

How to make Pizza at Home without Oven RecipeDid you know the world Pizza originates from the Latin word Picea, which means the darkening of crust by means of fire. Every year around 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide. Are your friends on their way to your home for pizza party and your oven not turning on? Do not panic! In this article you will learn how to make pizza at home without oven recipe. For making Pizza at home, you can either use ready-made pizza base or make pizza base at home. If you don’t know how to make pizza base at home, then follow this simple steps. For making pizza base, you would need ingredients and procedure for making pizza base at home without oven. Continue reading “How to make Pizza at Home without Oven Recipe”

Top 10 Bridal Nail Colors for This Wedding Season

Nail shades play a key role in defining your personality and adds glamour and glaze to the overall appearance of bride Hands draw attention and hence must be decked up with gorgeous bangles and accessories while nail color adds to the elegance and gives a complete touch to the attire and style. Hence trendy and exciting bridal nail colors are the curiosity of many bides and they wonder on how to choose best bridal nail color for this wedding season. Here is a list of top 10 bridal nail colors for this wedding season that allows you to flaunt your captivating and stunning hands during the big day of your life. It certainly accentuates your beauty and makes you stand out in the crowd. Continue reading “Top 10 Bridal Nail Colors for This Wedding Season”

Simple Nail Art Designs at Home for Beginners

Most of us adore nail art designs and patterns. It ranges from an array of colors to different sleek deigns and captivating strokes. Nail art and designs seem complex and difficult and hence it brings in a fear before we begin with the process. However it is quite an easy art and requires little practice in the beginning. We keep wondering on how to do simple nail art designs that shall give a gorgeous look to our nails. Here are some ideas on simple nail art designs at home for beginners that works on both short and long nails and decorates it with different styles. Want to date or impress your boy in college, then try these nail art designs, it will surely impress your guy. They are easy and simple and hence encourage anyone to start with. Continue reading “Simple Nail Art Designs at Home for Beginners”

5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutes

5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutesWe all crave for beautiful hair with a luster and shine to mesmerize people by doing different hairstyles. There are plenty of hairstyles that can be done according to the theme of parties and occasions and win over the crowd. However most of the lavish hairstyles are done in parlors by experts and it inevitably gets a hole in your pocket. So if you want to shun the notion of splurging and wish to enjoy some easy hairstyles then here are perfect 5 easy natural hairstyles done in 5 minutes. You can try them in tuition or regular classes or during evening strolls with friends and in other simple occasions. These amazing 5 easy natural hairstyles can be done easily and on different lengths of hair. Continue reading “5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutes”