Top 5 Things You must keep in mind while selecting Your Mehendi Artist

Mehendi has a lot of importance in Indian Wedding. It is the most striking ornament that every bride wears on her wedding day in India. A beautifully decorated Mehendi on hands and legs symbolise a lot of things, like her husband’s love for her, prosperity that she is going to bring in her new family and affection of her in-laws. Thus, every to be bride wants her mehendi to be perfect. So, today we brought to you the 5 best tips to choose a mehendi artist for your wedding. Continue reading “Top 5 Things You must keep in mind while selecting Your Mehendi Artist”

Latest plus Size Fashion Trends for Women: Top Apparels

Increasing obesity rates is a global concern. There are a number of factors that are directly involved. Lifestyle which includes the diets and living pattern contributes the most.  Though, there are a lot of diet plans and meal schedules plus the workout calendars available, still the obesity ratio is fast increasing around the world. So, the trend setters have not dis-appointed to recognize this segment. In fact, it is not a matter of just attending them by giving some recognition to this style, but the plus sizes are the talk of the town now. There are few awesome pieces of hottest plus size dresses for women which get in line with the trends. Continue reading “Latest plus Size Fashion Trends for Women: Top Apparels”

Top 5 Useful Tips to Wear Saree for Short Height Girls, Drape Saree Perfectly

Perfect feminine attire that completely accentuates the whole looks of a woman is nothing else other than a saree. It always brings sensuality, elegance and gorgeousness in a woman’s personality. But many don’t know feel that if the saree is tucked up untidily then a saree can ruin your looks completely specially if you are short heighted. So you need to be careful to how to drape a saree to look slim and how to choose a perfect saree for your body type. These are the best tips to wear a saree perfectly and these tips on how to wear a saree easily will surely help you in enhancing your personality in saree and not otherwise. So read on to know the top 5 useful tips to wear saree for short height girls. Continue reading “Top 5 Useful Tips to Wear Saree for Short Height Girls, Drape Saree Perfectly”

Top 10 Bridal Nail Colors for This Wedding Season

Nail shades play a key role in defining your personality and adds glamour and glaze to the overall appearance of bride Hands draw attention and hence must be decked up with gorgeous bangles and accessories while nail color adds to the elegance and gives a complete touch to the attire and style. Hence trendy and exciting bridal nail colors are the curiosity of many bides and they wonder on how to choose best bridal nail color for this wedding season. Here is a list of top 10 bridal nail colors for this wedding season that allows you to flaunt your captivating and stunning hands during the big day of your life. It certainly accentuates your beauty and makes you stand out in the crowd. Continue reading “Top 10 Bridal Nail Colors for This Wedding Season”

Simple Nail Art Designs at Home for Beginners

Most of us adore nail art designs and patterns. It ranges from an array of colors to different sleek deigns and captivating strokes. Nail art and designs seem complex and difficult and hence it brings in a fear before we begin with the process. However it is quite an easy art and requires little practice in the beginning. We keep wondering on how to do simple nail art designs that shall give a gorgeous look to our nails. Here are some ideas on simple nail art designs at home for beginners that works on both short and long nails and decorates it with different styles. Want to date or impress your boy in college, then try these nail art designs, it will surely impress your guy. They are easy and simple and hence encourage anyone to start with. Continue reading “Simple Nail Art Designs at Home for Beginners”

5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutes

5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutesWe all crave for beautiful hair with a luster and shine to mesmerize people by doing different hairstyles. There are plenty of hairstyles that can be done according to the theme of parties and occasions and win over the crowd. However most of the lavish hairstyles are done in parlors by experts and it inevitably gets a hole in your pocket. So if you want to shun the notion of splurging and wish to enjoy some easy hairstyles then here are perfect 5 easy natural hairstyles done in 5 minutes. You can try them in tuition or regular classes or during evening strolls with friends and in other simple occasions. These amazing 5 easy natural hairstyles can be done easily and on different lengths of hair. Continue reading “5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutes”

Best Eye Shadow Tips and Tricks

Eyes are the most expressive parts of our faces that can mesmerize anyone at the very sight. It has the innate power of charming with its story-telling beauty unfurling many emotions with its depth and charm. They are truly assets. People try different eye make ups to make it appear even more enticing and appealing. The popular eye makeup tips and tricks can help you navigate through the world of ways that shall help you adorn your eyes and make it truly stunning. Eye shadows can give you different looks and according to occasions. Here are some of the best eye shadow tips and tricks that will help you have fun with the shades and colors and give your eyes either of smokey or natural look. Continue reading “Best Eye Shadow Tips and Tricks”

How to choose Eye Shadow Color Combinations

Eyes are the most mesmerizing part of a person’s enticing face. The sparkle and stare of eyes can either win a situation or simple doom the ambience.. A wide range of eye embellishing products are available in the market but the trick lies in how to choose eye shadow color combinations that will leave you with amazing charming eyes. Eye shadows are the blazing products that give your eyes a ravishing look and extremely alluring appearance with its robust and radiant shades. Continue reading “How to choose Eye Shadow Color Combinations”