Should Teenagers be given Sex Education in School

Before we actually jump to the topic let’s get few things clear in our head. One, what is sex education? Sex education basically is imparting basic knowledge about sex. This is a crucial step to be taken in order to educate the young ones to be healthy, safe and responsible. Two, who should be given, sex education? Sex education is not a regular impart of education. Thus, it is important for everybody to be well educated about the subject. However, the priority basis impart of knowledge must be given to Teenagers.  Now the third and the most important question is should sex education be a part of school curriculum or should there be any form of sex education in school? Continue reading “Should Teenagers be given Sex Education in School”

Top 10 Sex Facts That Everyone Must Know: Superstitions Not To Believe

There is nothing in the world which is more hyped than Sex. There are several facts about sex that we must all know. However, there are even several myths about sex that we have grown up believing, moreover programmed to believe so. Time has it that we really must learn to discern between the facts about sex and myths about sex. There are multiple must know sex facts that even a veteran sex pert will not know. However, especially for you we have come up with a brand new list of top 10 sex facts to know. Get prepared to widen up your entire thought process. Continue reading “Top 10 Sex Facts That Everyone Must Know: Superstitions Not To Believe”

Why Indian Men Hesitate to Marry Girls who are not Virgin?

Virginity of a girl is the most debatable topic. There have been several instances when a guy has even gone ahead and divorced her wife if she accepted that she was not a virgin. We live in a patriarchal society where the decisions are solely taken by the men. But does that give away the authority to the men to judge purity of woman on the basis of whether she’s virgin or not? No, not at all!! We live in 21st century where everyone likes to call themselves modern and up to date. So, why is there hypocrisy in this? If women have gone ahead and accepted their sexuality then why can’t men do the same? What’s shameful is that these are the same men who are okay with sleeping with multiple girlfriends, but become mama’s boy when it comes to marriage. Hypocrisy! Outright Hypocrisy! Below, we have listed down some the reasons why Indian men hesitate to marry girls who are not virgin. Continue reading “Why Indian Men Hesitate to Marry Girls who are not Virgin?”

Common Reasons for Breaking of Hymen in Girls

Hymen is the most widely misunderstood part of the female body. The tiny membrane has created multiple controversies over the years. The absence of hymen in woman is not a sure shot reason to believe that a girl has been involved in any immoral activity. Indian men prefer to marry virgin girl because of this disbelief. In the article below we will cover the must know reasons for breaking of hymen in girls and several myths about girls with broken hymen. Continue reading “Common Reasons for Breaking of Hymen in Girls”

Skipping School leads to Unsafe Sex among Teenage Girls?

Now a days, the teenagers are more attracted towards the sex society because they feel younger and grown up and the technology is one of the major factors for most teenagers as they are skipping their school and attract towards the unsafe sex. Skipping school leads to unsafe sex among teenage girls mean the younger generation grow up very fast, the technology and social site give the required data in a very easy manner. Society and parents are also a part of skipping school facts. Parents are busy with their works and not able to give the time to their children, which is also a reason for skipping school results in unsafe sex among teens. Teenager doesn’t have any fear of skipping school negatives, as they are feeling free to move anywhere without any restriction. Continue reading “Skipping School leads to Unsafe Sex among Teenage Girls?”

How to Get Back to Work after the Birth of Baby

After the pleasant honeymoon days after your baby is born, when you have to think about going to work, is a real tough time for any woman. When you have to give a thought on work management after having baby is quite a difficult thing to decide on too sometimes. It is a very crucial period where you need to think of deciding to work after baby. Your new born shall have the real comfort just in your hands but just in case when you cannot make yourself available all the time for her; then…’s done. When you don’t know whether it is doing work after baby birth right, then you have to talk to your own self. Your own sub conscious should be definite to permit you to work. But then too, trying to build your own dream and a desire to build your child’s future dream becomes also necessary at times. Continue reading “How to Get Back to Work after the Birth of Baby”

Breast Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors

Causes of Breast CancerCancer is very upsetting disease if not diagnosed and steps taken for cure will surely result in death. Breast cancer has been increasing at an alarming rate in today’s era. Breast cancer may occur in men or women. Although most of the cases are found in women due to the fact that woman’s breast is made up of milk glands and milk ducts, surrounded by fatty and connective supports which results in uncontrolled growth of cells. In such cases, these breast tissues can cause breast cancer. On the other hand breast cancer is very rare in men, accounting for less than 1% of all cases. Continue reading “Breast Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors”

10 Things a Girl Needs to Know About her Periods

Things to know about periodsIf you are a lady, then you know how troublesome is your period days. Consistently in your conceptive years, you experience bunches of draining that are known as menstrual cycle which in the long run lead to uneasiness for some ladies. Commonly you even wind up adhering to your couch entire day just to dodge any issues.

You don’t need to stress over your menstrual cycle in the event that you simply take after these 10 tips that would at last make you dispose of your distress amid periods. Continue reading “10 Things a Girl Needs to Know About her Periods”

Why Regular Pregnancy Check Ups are Important for Mother

Why regular pregnancy checkup is necessaryPregnancy is all together about entering into a new phase of life, and this is not just for the mother but for the father as well. A new member is soon going to be a part of your family and this adds on responsibility on the shoulders of your parent. Every parent is expected to take proper care of the child and give him the best out of everything.

However before all this it is important that a pregnant woman is taken care of such that she remains healthy during the pregnancy period and thereby gives birth to a healthy child. However to ensure that mother is healthy all during the phase of pregnancy it becomes important that she undergoes routine pregnancy checkups where in the experts can guide her towards what all good things she can do and what should be avoided which can affect her and her child. These checkups can be considered as preventive measures which are necessary to be taken in order to save one from dreadful consequences.

Benefits of health checkups

Many of us might be thinking that why to have pregnancy check up or is it that really important to consult a doctor and if yes then when to go for pregnancy check up such questions may arise in the minds of would be parent. However concerning doctor for pregnancy check up should be a part of your routine and one should consult them throughout the phase such that they can guide you for ways to keep good pregnancy health; Continue reading “Why Regular Pregnancy Check Ups are Important for Mother”

Common Reasons for Infertility in Males

ways men should deal with infertilityHaving a baby is the most beautiful thing in this world. Unfortunately nowadays lives of men and women have become so stressful and hectic that the chances of infertility in men and women are increasing day by day. Couples these days are more concerned about their career and success that they don’t pay attention to signs of infertility in men due to which they are not better prepared to deal with such problems. If you are like any other couple, you might be blaming yourself for not being able to conceive which thus brings pressure on your relationship with each other, family and friends. But only if you could understand the common reasons of infertility in males, you would be able to find many solutions to it before they actually happen. It is essential to understand the causes of infertility in males so that you could find out the root cause of what causes infertility by which you could be better prepared to resolve in time or take necessary actions beforehand. Continue reading “Common Reasons for Infertility in Males”