Why Do Breakups Hurt So Much: Top Reasons to Look At

When we enter into a relationship, we feel a sense of euphoria that stems from the fact that we are so much in love that we are certain that nothing can break this bond. What we really do is fantasize about an eternal bond that will never break and this lulls us into an illusion where we feel secure and happy. Why do breakups hurt so much? When something happens to sour the relationship and one party walks out on the other, there is a feeling of panic and despair compounded by loss that is difficult to explain and cope. Continue reading “Why Do Breakups Hurt So Much: Top Reasons to Look At”

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me: What Should I Do – Top 5 Signs

When we were in teens we thought love is invincible. Something that is exceptionally immune to other outside force and something that will overcome all the obstacles and come out stronger. However, as we grew up we realize that couples today are forgetting the meaning of loyalty and the bubble of love is pricked and infidelity has taken over in our relationships. Often we hear of boys cheating their girlfriends in a relationship. But it’s not just the boys but the girls too. Even the girls are found cheating boyfriends in a relationship. The good point is these things are often backed with warning signs. Many a time experts encounter questions such as, ‘my girlfriend cheated on me, what should I do?’ So, now with this article we’ll tell you how to find girl friend is cheating on you? Moreover, what are the ways to deal with cheating girlfriend? Read below to find out. Continue reading “My Girlfriend Cheated on Me: What Should I Do – Top 5 Signs”

Negative Impacts of Divorce between Couple on Their Kids

Marriage is of course the union of two souls. It is too uncertain and marriage is not always successful. It may end up having a divorce. If the marriage ends before even having a kid, then the impact is much less. But, life becomes hell when divorce impacts on kids do not let the child to grow. There are a number of reasons for increasing rates of divorce day by day that you can find in preceding link.  Let us learn about negative impacts of divorce on kids. Continue reading “Negative Impacts of Divorce between Couple on Their Kids”

4 Signs He’s Not That Into You: Know It How?

Can there be anything more irksome than dating a guy whose feelings are confusing? Some days, he’s all lovey dovey while some days he behaves like he hardly cares. Each time you call him up he’s busy somewhere or the other. Is he really busy or is it just a cover up to avoid you? A busy workday is fine, but no work hours last more than 12 hours ever. Didn’t he have even 5 minutes in a day to talk to you? Do questions like these keep bothering you more than often? Are you still unsure about his feelings for you? Below, we have provided you with few signs that are a clear indication that he’s JUST not into you. Continue reading “4 Signs He’s Not That Into You: Know It How?”

How to Get Over Someone You Love

tips to get over your exMany of us do not realize that our minds are conditioned to the way we feel, behave and react in our daily lives. We fall in love and have a great relationship and we begin to take things for granted. When a loved one walks out of our lives after a stormy row, we are shattered and feel that we can never get over this breakup. The fact of the matter is that we are not really sure what love is and think that we can never love again when we are dealt with this blow. Continue reading “How to Get Over Someone You Love”

Signs to End up your Engagement: The End of before Beginning

breaking up the engagement signs to knowEngaged days are the rosy ones in anybody’s life. You will be thinking of how to spend time with your fiancé, and making a lot of plans for the wedding. You will always be in between spending some quality time with your love and taking time for the arrangements for the wedding. But if things go well, it’s a cakewalk but there are few unfortunate times when you would think of ending an engagement. Continue reading “Signs to End up your Engagement: The End of before Beginning”

How to get child custody after divorce in India

When divorce becomes inevitable, there are a lot of factors that needs to be attended. Nobody marries in a view point to get divorced. It is a compulsion made to us by time. And if It involves Child Custody in India,it is better that both the husband and the wife be prepared by knowing the facts of legal procedures before filing a divorce. There are few Child Custody Law in India with which you need to fit it yourself and your case. However till the age of 5, child needs to be in the care of their mothers. Fathers just have the visiting rights at this stage. But it is even possible for a father to get his child’s custody after the age of 5 of the kid if the person is able to take care of the child’s development and growth at a par that can be given by a mother. Continue reading “How to get child custody after divorce in India”

Why Divorce Rate is Increasing Day by Day

Marriage is a sacred bonding that has been decided by the laws of nature. It unites two souls and entwines them in passionate love and trust. The memories and feeling thrive even after that and such is the symbolic meaning of the nuptial knot of marriage. Much to everyone’s dismay people have tarred this meaning and have demeaned this bonding. There have been many reasons for increasing divorce rate in recent times that has lynched the truth and beauty of relation. It is important to understand why have divorce rates increased over time. Marriages are believed to be set in heaven but with the fast technology and pace of life, people have found different reasons to get married which fail to support their relation in the long run and this cause major loss to kids. How common is divorce and what are the reasons. Read out the extract and get a vivid notion about divorces and the major factors behind it. Continue reading “Why Divorce Rate is Increasing Day by Day”

How to get rid of Loser Boyfriend

Tips to get away from loser boyfriendTo all those ladies, who are sick and tired of having a boyfriend and are keenly looking for some advice to get rid of loser boyfriend. As these boyfriends, instead of adding happiness into your life, is creating mess all around. Well then this is the time to think of all the strategies to get rid of a loser boyfriend or top tips to get rid of loser boyfriend. So first of all loser boyfriend is the one who is troubling you all the time, with his mood swings or his aggressive behavior, even his way of speaking or his insecurity all of it may get into your head at times, and this is the time you would just want to run away from this relation and would search for the top tips to get rid of loser boyfriend. Continue reading “How to get rid of Loser Boyfriend”

8 Effective Ways to Get Over a Divorce

Ways to divorce happily

Marriage is very sensitive relationships where you have dealt with at most care. It is very easy when you have to end up a relationship of marriage with a divorce. Whatever might be the reason for the breakup, whether you wanted it willingly or you were not at all prepared for a divorce, it can turn your whole world into a mess and can give place for all types of painful feeling and emotions. But hold on before shuttering yourself. There are many things you can do to get over a divorce. How to move on after a divorce will be a question that a heart person might have in their minds. There are many ways in which you can move on. Try to be cheerful and happy and make yourself realize that it is going to alright very soon. Continue reading “8 Effective Ways to Get Over a Divorce”