Can friendship and dating go together?

Friendship Turning to LoveWe often hear people talking about dating a friend because it is quite convenient to date known ones rather than choosing strangers for dating. The reason behind this thought is, friendship helps people to know each other in a much better way and this leads to successful dating however it is not the right thing to do always. Dating and friendship going together is often chosen by men, to save themselves from commitment. Whenever men are demanded of commitment they take the help of friendship prevailing within their relation to escape from such situation.

Dating Online

It is a trend these days to find friends or dating partners online, where both boys and girls settle out for friendship if they are not able to settle on dating. Dating is more about judging each other on their looks and personality, whereas friendship is just sharing common interest and being with each other in good and bad times. It seems quite impossible to have dating and friendship together however to be close to each other one of the relations are chosen by individuals.

Friendship or Dating?

Friendship is something more important than dating, where people tend to understand each other needs and desires and supports them to achieve their goals and helps them to overcome from difficult times. However this kind of chemistry is only possible when each one of them have known them for long and are in a position to intervene into personal lives of individual. Friendship is quite rare and it is almost important to spend quality time together to be good friends. This feeling of friendship becomes quite difficult if in case people of two different sexes is involved in it, because friendship is overpowered and takes the form of dating. Hence managing friendship and dating together seems completely impossible.

Dating and friendship going together can be seen in cases when one of the friends amongst the two fancy or likes each other. At times friends who cannot turn their relationship into dating they try to give it a name of friendship such that they can still be together and feel their presence around. Friendship and dating goes hand in hand in such cases only, when on one side a person is religiously in love with the other one; however other one is just looking after his friendship. Learning about how to date a friend has a simple answer wherein both the friends should be true about their feelings and share it with each other to arrive at a conclusion and actually find what they mean to each other.

When anyone is looking for tips to date a girl friend or tips to date a boy friend, then the best way out in this case and to prevent one from getting hurt is to choose friendship. It is considered to be the safest way because it has least chances of heart break whenever anyone is approaching for proposal and is scared of rejection. Can dating and Friendship go together seems to be not an advisable situation for anyone, especially for the ones who have known each other for long wherein one person is in love while the other takes everything for granted, hence in this case choosing friendship is not an ideal situation. In this case managing dating and friendship together gets a lot difficult and it is hence advised to clarify each other about their feelings to resolve the problem.

Final Say

Next time when you are seeking friendship while looking for a perfect date, it is recommended that one should be fair with their feelings even if it means friendship with someone and dating someone else. With this at least you can be true with your feelings and hence have someone who shall be your soul mate and value your feelings. Choosing dating and friendship are both critical and hence one should maintain true feelings for each other such that they can choose someone true for lifelong.