Breast Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors

Causes of Breast CancerCancer is very upsetting disease if not diagnosed and steps taken for cure will surely result in death. Breast cancer has been increasing at an alarming rate in today’s era. Breast cancer may occur in men or women. Although most of the cases are found in women due to the fact that woman’s breast is made up of milk glands and milk ducts, surrounded by fatty and connective supports which results in uncontrolled growth of cells. In such cases, these breast tissues can cause breast cancer. On the other hand breast cancer is very rare in men, accounting for less than 1% of all cases.

Causes of Breast Cancer

Though it cannot be said for certain as to why breast cancer happens. It happens due to various reasons and those reasons differ from person to person, so being a doctor one can tell why it happened but cannot pinpoint that if you do this you can for certain avoid it. There are of course risk factors involved to which if someone is exposed chances of breast cancer rise. Breast cancer is the second most common cause of death from cancer in women. So let’s discuss these risk factors one by one….


One of the main cause due to which breast cancer happens are genes. The genes play important role in determining whether you may have breast cancer or not. If you have history of people giving breast cancer in your family, the chances of breast cancer happening to you are quite high however it’s just that the risk factor is high, you may never have breast cancer. So it’s not guaranteed that if you have a family history you will for certain suffer from breast cancer.

Lack of Physical Exercise

In this technological modern age people don’t have time for physical activities , it is just something of past which is irrelevant but consequences of staying away from physical activities can lead to high risk of breast cancer and other diseases. Physical exercise not only helps us stay fit and healthy but also improves our immune system to fight off the diseases.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Our lives now include less of physical activities and on top of that our eating habits are also quite unhealthy. Alcohol consumption has increased manifold with fast food. Such unhealthy eating habits with excessive alcohol consumption have also introduced high risk of breast cancer. The chances of you suffering from breast cancer are very high if you don’t follow healthy lifestyle.

Breast Cancer Symptoms in Women


In world more people are suffering from obesity than starvation. Obesity does not only hamper your lifestyle but also has a very negative impact on your body. People who are obese have more chances of suffering from breast cancer than those who do not suffer from obesity. Women have more chances of obesity as in many countries they are not allowed to go out and work yet which also puts them in harm’s way as they can develop breast cancer due to this condition.

Getting Older

Old age for women also increase risk of breast cancer. Women who are 50 + have high risk of developing breast cancer than the younger ones. Over 80% of all female breast cancers occur among women aged 50+ years (after the menopause).

Height and Dense Breast Tissue

Women who are taller than average height have more risk of breast cancer than the women who are shorter than average height. Doctors haven’t been able to find out the reason behind it yet. A woman with dense breast tissue has more chances of developing breast cancer than the woman who has less dense breast tissue.