Birth Control Pills Pros and Cons

Birth Control Pills Pros and ConsBirth control is a method chosen by men and women to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In this modern world where pregnancy stands just another page turner issue birth control pills are being used by large number of women to control pregnancy. Though the uses of birth control pills have been dilated all over the globe but the agonizing part of its lies in the birth control pills side effects which has caused many hormonal and other body imbalances. If you too have been pondering on the use of birth control pills then have a nimble glance at the birth control pills pros and cons which will educate you on its uses and adversities on health. A lot of research conducted by medial stalwarts have framed certain must know conclusions on birth control pills.

Medical Uses and benefits of Birth Control Pills

Young women and naive adolescent girls are sometimes prescribed with birth control pills owing to their hormonal problems. These pills help to combat with irregular menstrual cycle, its sudden absence or heavy flow. They are also prescribed to girls who are suffering from high hormone levels to regulate their menstrual cycle. It is not obligatory that birth control pills are taken only to prevent pregnancy but birth control pills and period cycle are inter-related with regards to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle. Birth control pills diminish the flow and it lowers the risk of anemia. They also lower the chance of having endometrial cancer or ovarian cysts. These are some countable benefits of birth control pills other than preventing pregnancy mentioned which suffice for does emergency contraceptive pill affect menstrual cycle and gives you a an affirmative answer on it. Birth control pills are best known for pregnancy precaution but it has these health benefits incorporated.

Side effects of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are advised by certain doctors to deal with problems of menstrual problems but the dose is monitored to avoid the side effects. There are certain pros and cons of taking birth control pills which leaved a tarred impact on health. Some women fall prey to nausea, bloating, irregular periods and headaches. These birth control pills must be taken during meals to avoid its adversities. Headaches worsen because of stress and hence lower dosage of birth control pills is recommended. These are some of the common side effects of birth control pills but there are certain major adversities too. Acne breakout or mood swing and changes of body parts may become quite irksome due to frequent consumption of birth control pills. If you are baffled with do all birth control pills cause breast enlargement then understand the fact that most of them do. Some cause enlargement while some may even make it tender and fragile. It may cause blood clots in cells as well.

The Proper Guidance for Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills must be taken at the proper time. If you are taking it for the first time make sure you start with a low dose. Ease your worry on how to take birth control pills correctly for the first time by reading this little extract. You should always consult with your doctor prior taking birth control pills. It is advisable to have your first pill before your doctor and the second pill on next day. During the first week keep another backup of pregnancy control like condoms. When you have a menstrual start takes the pill on the fifth day. Maintain a routine thereafter and be sure to keep a check on it. If you missed any take it right away.

Medical Advice

Birth control pills are taken by most women and they have received positive results. Medical practitioners’ advice birth control pills under certain circumstances and they educate you on the risks of taking birth control pills continuously which helps you understand its pros and cons. They advise you to report to the doctor in case of any abnormal body behavior mostly aches in stomach, headache, chest pain and more.

Birth Control Pills during Pregnancy

Birth control pills are advised to prevent pregnancy but some women continuously pop them in unknowing of their status. If birth control pills are consumed during pregnancy it affects the health of the child in terms of weight and other abnormalities. Are you wondering can taking birth control pills while pregnant cause a miscarriage and bothered by it? Though there are less risks of it but it is better to consult a medical expert if you get meddled in such a situation. If you are worrying on can birth control pill affect pregnancy test results then have this piece of ear. Birth control pills do not meddle with pregnancy control test. A negative pregnancy test has other significant factors that cause its negation.