Best Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

Best Ways to Celebrate Friendship DayFriends brighten up our lives and grace it with vibrant colors of happiness and fun. They understand our silence and strike the right conversation to lift our moods. Every relationship grows on the foundation of friendship and later plays an indispensable roll in our lives. Hence to acknowledge the priceless and pious friendship we celebrate Friendship Day. People scratch their heads to find ways of celebrating this occasion. We provide you some of the best ways to celebrate friendship day. It gives you perfect ideas for celebrating and enjoying with your close chums and pals.

Notes and messages

One of the best and salient ways of expressing your affection for your friends is to pen down your thoughts. You can browse through top 5 friendship messages on friendship day which mainly focuses on the incidents and moments you have shared together. Nothing can compete with the feelings and emotions expressed on the pages. So pour your feelings on a colorful page or simply quote friendship thoughts and address your friends.

Make a short film

If you have spent a long time with your friend and have garnered copious lovable moments. This is one of the best ideas to celebrate friendship day in college and social gatherings. Collect the pictures of the days and events when you have relished various perky and cheesy moments with your friends and bind them in the form of a short movie. You can play this in your college before all your friends and rejuvenate your friendship.


If you are planning to celebrate friendship day amidst nature it is another most incredible notion to gift your friend an awesome time.. How to celebrate friendship day will never bother you if you merge this classic idea of camping with the celebration. You can ponder on some friendship day party game ideas and include them during your camping. Check out the enticing and enthralling camping spots nearby and book your day amidst the green meadows or fabulous sandy beaches


Friendship Day party is an amazing idea to invite all your friends and spend a quality fun time with them. You can think on friendship day celebration ideas in office and organize a party for your colleagues. It helps in maintain relations and also adds to the enjoyment of the special day.

Gifts and Gestures

Now if you have small group and very close friends you ought to do something really elite and special for them. Friendship day handmade gifts ideas is a stupendous thought and wonderful gesture to please your friends. You can also try friendship day handmade greeting cards and add your thoughts and poems to it. Such handmade gifts and cards done meticulously, engrave an extreme affectionate feeling in the mind of your dear friend.

Apart from these special and simple ideas you can also jot down certain thoughts and plan surprises for your pals. Find out information about friendship day celebration started in which year and other significant details. Include these details in a handmade scrapbook and present it to your friend. You also think on things to do with your best friend on friendship day and implement the above ideas in your friendship day itinerary. Celebrate a memorable friendship day with your precious friends and relish a moment of lifetime.

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