Best Eye Shadow Tips and Tricks

Eyes are the most expressive parts of our faces that can mesmerize anyone at the very sight. It has the innate power of charming with its story-telling beauty unfurling many emotions with its depth and charm. They are truly assets. People try different eye make ups to make it appear even more enticing and appealing. The popular eye makeup tips and tricks can help you navigate through the world of ways that shall help you adorn your eyes and make it truly stunning. Eye shadows can give you different looks and according to occasions. Here are some of the best eye shadow tips and tricks that will help you have fun with the shades and colors and give your eyes either of smokey or natural look.

Top 5 Best Eye Shadow Tips and Tricks for Girls

Choosing Eye Shadow Palette

You don’t have to be a beautician or an expert to use eye shadows. Simply sculpt the look of your eyes using any one of the top 5 best eye shadow brands and get easy with the strokes. Choosing the right eye shadow and right brush is one of most important tips and tricks of applying eye shadow. Gold and brown eye shadows look great on blue eyes. This is one of the best eye shadow tips and tricks for blue eyes. While pink and brown makes amazing combination on green eyes. Lavender and Taupe look good on all eye color. Cream eye shadows are easy to apply and can merge well with your skin color. It is also one of the best textures to start with. Simple light shades are suitable among the top 5 eye shadow tips and tricks for hazel eyes. A combination of gray and brown can also be a calming tone of eye shadow that looks good on hazel eyes. Hence it is among the most selected eye shadow tips and tricks for hazel eyes. You can apply the eye shadows in different ways and styles to get attractive look of your gorgeous eyes.

Popular Eye Shadows

There are different eye shadows that look great on our eyes. Shimmery eyes and smoky eyes are the trendiest styles of current eye shadows. There are different tips and tricks to apply these eye shadows. Some of them have been discussed below:

Shimmer Eye Shadow

Shimmer eye shadows help your eyes pop out and highlight your eyes and eyelids. To apply shimmer eye shadows for a party or occasion apply some foundation around your eyes. Then use a shimmery highlighting eye shadow color in the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear larger and prominent. It is one of the top 5 eye shadow tips and tricks to make your eyes appear beautiful. It is also one of the most prominent eye shadow tips and tricks to make your eyes appear bigger. It also suffices for one of the most frequently asked questions how to make your eyes look bigger. You can also use a darker color in the crease to make it curvy and mold the eye.

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Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes have been the current fad for quite a while and people are trying hard to get this style. A perfect smoky eye is obtained by blending colors flawlessly. One of the best eye shadow tips and tricks are to get smokey eyes is to combine dark and light colors properly. You can try a soft and gold base with combination of deep purple on top. A champagne base with radiant blue also gives an incredible smokey look. Peach base and green hue is also a nice pick.

The Final Say

Eye shadows look impeccably beautiful if you brush it up in the right way using the perfect combinations and also know about how to use eye shadow pencil perfectly. Choosing the palette, selecting the right colors and shades, creating effect are among the top 5 eye shadow tips and tricks that give your eyes an irresistible look. Blending of colors is of utmost significance. A seamless blending of colors with the right brushes is absolutely must.