Best Chocolates to Gift on Chocolate Day to a Girl

Wondering, what to gift a girl on Chocolate Day? What better than chocolates itself? It will easily sweep her off feet and woo her completely. This traditional box of chocolates is something every woman craves for. Chocolates have a special chemical called tryptophan which reaches the brain and makes a neurotransmitter called serotonin. This invokes in them an instant feeling of euphoria and passion. No wonder chocolates work wonders for men too. There are multiple types of chocolates to gift on chocolate day. The different flavors of chocolate may be milk chocolates, exotic dark chocolates, crunchy chocolates, creamy filled chocolates and white chocolates. Below we have segregated some of the best chocolate brands for Chocolate day to help you make chocolate day special for wife.

Different Chocolate Brands for Chocolate Day

Valentine week is always special. A long of list of days are there to make them special for your dear ones. Rose Day on 7th Feb, Propose Day on 8th Feb, Chocolate day on 9th Feb, Teddy Day on 10th Feb, Promise Day on 11th Feb, Hug Day on 12th Feb, Kiss Day on 13th Feb, and finally Valentine’s Day on 14th Feb should definitely be made special for your loved ones.

Marou Chocolates

These dark chocolates come packed with roasted almonds. The softness and flavor of cacao will melt easily in your mouth and give you bundle of happiness. It will cost you approximately $ 9 for a bar.

Sweeteeth Chocolates

This is an incredible bar of chocolate that is made using exemplary handcrafted techniques. It definitely is a high quality bar of chocolate with innovative flavor and taste. The cost may vary from $5 to $7 per bar depending on the size you choose.

Farrero Rocher

This exotic hazelnut ball of chocolate is made of wafer shell and has creamy chocolate filling inside that easily melts in your mouth. The unique combo of wafer chocolate, hazelnut pieces and creamy milk chocolate gives it an amazing flavor and aroma. The box of 48 Farrero Rocher chocolates may cost you approximately $ 12.49.


This Italian brand of chocolate has some of the best ingredients all packed in one. The exotic single origin and single varietal cocoa beans add to the flavor of this handpicked bar. As per the Academy of Chocolate it has been awarded the best chocolate in the world for 2 subsequent years 2005 and 2006. The chocolate bar of Amedei may cost you approximately $37 for 100 grams.

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates are known for their quality and the exotic touch in them. Leonidas also undergoes the same strenuous process to get its flavor. The cocoa pods are collected and taken to the end of the fields where they are packed open and de-husked. It takes approximately 100 such seeds to make a pound of chocolate. All of this is done without use of any mechanical process. The cost of pack of 42 Leonidas Belgian Chocolates is approximately $ 52.Chocolate Day Gifts for Wife

Green and Black’s Chocolates

Green and Black’s exotic chocolate comes in multiple flavors. A flavor each for every mood. Be it bars white, Bars lemon, Bars blood orange, Bars creamy milk, bars crispy milk, bars butterscotch, bars hazelnut and current, bars spiced chilly, bars easter egg, and many more. There is also an all new range of green and black’s dark chocolate. The content of dark chocolate may vary from 70% to 85% depending on the bitterness of cocoa you need in chocolates. The price of this chocolate may be approximately $ 31.45.

Chocolates El Ray

Chocolates El Ray is a Venezuelan brand of chocolate. It is the most aromatic chocolate and is filled with exotic flavors. Made exclusively from the premium grown beans which are grown locally in the own grounds this is definitely a thumbs up in chocolates. The use of the best cocoa beans in the chocolate brings in additional flavor to the bar. The beans are handpicked and the flavor added in the chocolate is self generated. If you ever get to view the entire conversion process of this Venezuelan brand from bean to bar it will be one delightful sight for the viewer. The flavors may vary from bittersweet, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, gourmet dark chocolates, etc. The price of this chocolate is approximately $ 25.

Final Thoughts

Above, we have provided an exclusive list of premium, exotic flavor filled chocolates to gift on chocolate day. So don’t wait, go order any of these exotic chocolates and make her fall in love with you all over again. I’m sure I have helped you enough to make chocolate day special for girlfriend or your wife.