7 Things a Woman will never tell their Partner

7 Secrets a Woman will never tell their PartnerIt is well said that you should never hurt the ego of a man and emotions of a woman. Men have been trying to understand women since ages and you can often hear them saying that it is very difficult to understand a woman. Well, in a way, it is true because there are certain Things women hides from partner such as her feelings and emotions. Here is a glimpse of 7 Things a Woman Will Never Tell Their Man partner. In addition, all men may get certain tips to know your female partners mind. There are Things to know about your female partners that they hide for a man. I am all right (NO! she is not, she wants you to ask her in detail). A woman usually hides her feelings due to the fear of getting hurt. Here is What things woman hide from their partner.

7 Things a Woman Will Never Tell Their Partner

The Root Cause of the Trouble

A woman likes to handle things in her own way and if she is being unintentionally hurt and insulted by her partner, she will never tell the reason for getting annoyed.

The Bitter Truth from the Past Relationship

If there are certain things in the past, which must have hurt her immensely, she will avoid telling it to her partner, as she thinks that it may disturb her current relationship.

Family Issues

Women avoid to sharing the family issues with their partners as they think that sharing of any bitter issues regarding family may result in the insulting of their family by their partner.

Previous Issues

A woman never forgets any past issue and if the hurt due to a past fight is not being healed, she will constantly keep thinking about that thing without even uttering a single thing regarding it to her partner. It is then the responsibility of the partner to understand her silence and inquire, due to which she thinks that you really care. This is the best way to know your female partners mind.

Restrictions that Cause Trouble

There are certain restrictions that male partners usually impose upon women, of course for their good. Sometimes these restrictions snatch away their independence and space and they land up doing something, which hurts their male partners.

Dirty Secrets

Every woman have some dirty secrets, which only she knows and her male partner will not even know that his woman is upset due to it.

All her Expectations

A woman will never tell her real expectations from her partner because many a times she wants to test him and see whether he really cares for her or not. In addition, mentioning all the expectations will make her partner feel that she is demanding. This is one of the reasons Why woman hides things from their man partner.

These are 7 Things a Woman Will Never Tell Their Man partner and Things women hides from partner. There are Things women hides from partner because they think that men are practical thinkers and give less importance to emotions. Thus, you can know your female partners mind by taking her to a place she loves or for a dinner and talking to her just about her and know her likes and dislikes. Every man should know what their female partner wants from them. Although it sounds difficult, but surely it is not impossible.