5 Relationship Problems after Marriage and Ways to Solve Them

After marriage we often begin to take relationships for granted. We don’t really intent to take relationships for granted. But as the saying goes we tend to forget how much something really matters to us until we stand a chance to lose it. Moreover, it tends to take a lot of effort to realize the importance and value of things in our life. With marriage there are multiple problems and stress building up every day. Depending upon the bond and comfort you share with your partner the degree of trouble in a relationship may vary too.

More often than not, the relationship problem after marriage tends to fall in this bracket of 5. Besides the problem we have even listed down solutions to common marriage problems. So, read the article and get expert advice on relationship problems after marriage and ways to solve relationship issues in marriage. The couples who wish to spend less can take the benefits of online relationship counselling as they cost comparatively less and time efficient too. We have listed down top 5 relationship issues after marriage. Look closely at these problems and eliminate all the trouble in your paradise.

Absence or Lack of Communication

Courtesy our fast paced life this is one marital issues faced by every married couple. When a relationship starts people tend to find conversations exciting and fun. This is because the couple wishes to know more of each other. However, with passage of time, the couple forgets to take an effort to know the likes and dislikes of their partner. They believe that they already know enough about their partner.

Relationship Problems in Couples

But what is important to note is that with time the likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies etc also change so they too must notice this intricate details about their partner and display the changes accordingly. Never assume things. If you forget to initiate conversations in a relationship the relationship would become stagnant and you or your partner might end up looking out of a relationship to find somebody to confide in.


A trust is a foundation of every relationship. Now it is important to understand that trust too is of two types. One, do you trust your partner sufficient enough to allow them to go out for dinner with somebody else, perhaps a business colleague or partner? If no, then there are still weak threads in your relationship. These weak threads are possibly because of the insecurities in your relationship. Second, do you trust your partner’s decision?

Many a times there are ego clashes in a relationship. After marriage we have to take certain life altering decisions. If the couple does not come to an agreement you will definitely undergo these common marriage problems. Thus, it is important for a couple to trust each other’s decisions. Trust not just shows your love for your partner it even shows that you respect them equally.

Incompatibility in Love

Sometimes, based on early attractions and emotions we tend to rush in the relationships. Conclusively, we choose a partner to get married before actually trying to test the compatibility of your relationship. Attractions are just initial accelerations in a relationship. However, when a couple is married they are stuck to each other 24*7. That is when they get to know the differences between the two of them.

Now, the question is how to deal with relationship problem after marriage? The experts have come up with a relationship advice to deal with marriage problems. One, either try and neglect the differences and find a common ground between the two of you. Two, if you cannot neglect the differences walk your own paths and move out of that relationship rather than continuously living in this frustration.

Loss of Sex Drive

Now, this is the most obvious thing about relationships. When time passes, both the partners tend to lose interest in sex. Initially sex is an excitement, however after marriage sex tend to become a routine and a daily chore. This is the most common problem in a relationship. However the plus point is this problem is the easiest one to resolve. Try to find out new ways to attract your partner.

Do fun things together and once in a while either of you must initiate sex in a relationship. Sex not only strengthens the relationship but also prevents the relationship from getting dull and boring. So, brush away all the dull moments in a relationship and keep things interesting. Thus, keep it sexy and alive!


Now, this is one tricky thing in a relationship. Every relationship needs time and effort to grow. You must shower your partner with ample amount of time. However, it must be noted that as much as it is important to spend time with each it is equally important to spend time away from each other. But spending time away from other in no way means neglecting your partner.

You need to understand the balance between the two things. When you spend too much time with your partner and isolate yourself from the rest of the world you’ll begin to feel the need to get attention from somebody from the outside world. Thus, it is important to spend a little time away from each other.

However, when you spend time away from each other even then you need to make sure to keep yourself available for your partner. In case, you are spending time with friends never avoid phone calls from your partner. This would look offensive and upsetting to your partner.

Final Words

Above, we have listed some relationship problem and how to solve relationship problems after marriage. So, simply look out for these marital issues and ways to solve them and avoid the issues stemming up in your relationship. Always take an effort to make your partner feel loved and desired. Never, let marriage reduce the charm of your relationship. Whenever you feel that your relationship is getting stale, follow the expert advice given above and renew the relationship with partner. This, will help your marriage last longer.