5 Foods that Hurt Male Fertility

Causes of Male Fertility

5 Foods that Hurt Male FertilityAfter a couple is tied in wedding lock, it aspires for a baby. In case female does not get pregnant, she only goes to consult the gynecologist while male fertility is equally important. So many times it happens that sperms for fertility are not produced in the testes of male due to one reason or the other. Causes for male’s fertility are that until the male sperms are not strong, a female cannot conceive a child. When a couple longs for a child, along with the female, a male should also take care of his diet because if there is any deficiency in the womb of the female, the supplement diet of the male can fulfill it.

Fertility Food for Men


A male should take oysters in his diet known as aphrodisiacs because it increases the fertility of sperms. In place of swallowing directly, he can take it in the form of beef, nuts, eggs, dairy products or zinc from multivitamins. Zinc in any form is male fertility diet.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should comprise of fertility food for men because the antioxidants found in the fruits and green leafy vegetables protect the sperms cells from being damaged. Male fertility diet should consist of vitamin A, C, E and B which are available in the fruits and vegetables like citrus food, carrot, green vegetables to keep the sperms free from chromosomal abnormalities. Sweet potato is the best supplement for male fertility diet.

Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds should also be in male fertility diet because the juice of these seeds increases the number of fertile sperms and increases the quality. As it is the best source of iron, it keeps the male healthy and fertility can be only in a healthy person.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are the best and the cheapest source of zinc which is very necessary for male fertility. These seeds are full of omega-3 which stimulates the blood into sexual organs and make the sexual function more effective. Males can take flaxseeds, almonds or fatty fish also.


This is one kind of Amino acid. Sometimes the sperms are of inferior quality but L-Carnitine helps the sperms to function well.

Top 5anti-Nutrients that affect Fertility

Junk Food

Junk food is quite harmful for male fertility. Junk food is dangerous not only for heart or digestive system but also affects male fertility. Junk food is full of fats and other harmful nutrients. Such kind of diet does not let the sperm cells to grow. So junk food in male fertility diet should be avoided.

High Mercury Fish

High mercury fish is anti- nutrient that affects the fertility of both male and the female. They damage omega-3 from our body and decrease the fertility.

Caffeinated Drinks and Alcohol

The energy giving drinks like coffee or tea affects male fertility. Caffitine present in these drinks damage the reproductive cells. Whereas drinks containing alcohol boost energy in the body of the person, makes it warm, does not lag behind to kill the sperms of fertility. So all these anti- nutrient should be in limit in the diet of a male.

The most processed Meat

Male should avoid most processed food like hamburgers, hot dogs, salami, bologna, bacon because the male consuming this food has fewer normal sperm.

Illicit Drugs

Illicit drugs are the most dangerous anti-nutrients that disturb fertility as they reduce the count of the sperms. Anabolic steroids should also be avoided because they shrink the size of the testicles and affects male fertility.