5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutes

5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutesWe all crave for beautiful hair with a luster and shine to mesmerize people by doing different hairstyles. There are plenty of hairstyles that can be done according to the theme of parties and occasions and win over the crowd. However most of the lavish hairstyles are done in parlors by experts and it inevitably gets a hole in your pocket. So if you want to shun the notion of splurging and wish to enjoy some easy hairstyles then here are perfect 5 easy natural hairstyles done in 5 minutes. You can try them in tuition or regular classes or during evening strolls with friends and in other simple occasions. These amazing 5 easy natural hairstyles can be done easily and on different lengths of hair.

Best and 5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 Minutes

Have a look at the best and 5 easy natural hairstyles done in 5 minutes and enjoy playing with your hair. You need not be a hair expert but just follow the procedure and pamper your hair.

Wrap Your Hair for Medium Hair

If you have medium or slightly long hair and it’s the irksome summer annoying you with humidity and moisture then this is the perfect pick. It is the most preferred and among top 5 easy natural hairstyles for medium hair. Take a shower and leave your hair slightly moist. Now take a soft hairband and wrap it around your head. Keep the hair out of face and wrap it is various sections. Use hairpins to pin the ends. Continue from one edge and stop at the other. Wrap all your hair around the band. It gives you a circular bun appearance of hair. You can also try this easy natural hairstyle for work and enjoy your hair wrapped in a bun. The icing on the cake lies in releasing the hair after a long time. It gives you natural curls which you can flaunt for the rest of the day.

Tie a Scarf Pony

A pony tail is an easy hair style that looks great on short hair and can be done in schools and colleges and at work. It takes less than 5 minutes to tie a raised pony or horse tail. Simply comb your hair and lift them high and tie a bow or ribbon. This is one of the simplest and easy natural hairstyles for short hair. But the icing on the cake lies in playing with a scarf that makes it among the top 5 cute natural hairstyles done within 5 minute. Take a scarf and tie it around your head. Tie it in way such that it forms a butterfly on the top left of your head. It gives you a Barbie doll look.

A Charming Look

Comb your hair to one side and tie a loose pony at one side. Keep the pony loose and on your shoulder. It is one of the easiest natural hairstyles for long hair. Now to make the hairstyle slightly more attractive, take a small section of hair from front and roll it slightly and tie bobby pin at one end. This rolled up hair gives you a charming appearance in front and the entire hairstyle is done in less than 5 minutes. Hence it is a popular easy natural hairstyle for work and long hair. Keep your hair trimmed at the ends to make it look attractive.

Classic Hairstyle

Style your hair according to the texture you want or leave it as it is. Tease the top of your head and leave it little bit like cushion. Use a nice brush and secure the hair with bobby pins or clips. Pull the bangs or leave them open and enjoy this cutest natural hairstyle done in 5 minutes. You can try it on all types of hair.

Hair Braiding

Braiding your hair is a simple hair style and is quite common for regular purposes and occasions. Divide your hair in three sections. Take 1 section of hair and hold the other section on it in a criss cross manner. Now take the third section and put in between the crossed section. Follow it till the end. This is one of top 5 easy hairstyles for long hair and it can be made attractive by doing the braids on one side. For this purpose you need to start from one end of your head and finish on the other. It is yet again a quick and easy natural hairstyle. Make sure your hair is sufficiently long to try this hairstyle.