5 Biggest Regrets most Women have from their Relationship after Marriage

Marriage generally brings lots of happiness for a woman as it unites her with the man of her dreams. The experiences that they share and the love of her husband, the shoulder to cry on, someone to depend on simply makes a woman elated and excited. But, as we know, everything has its pros and cons. Likewise marriage also comes with bags and baggage. As marriage unites a woman with the man of her dreams, it brings a lot of happiness in her life. The cons of the marriage comes after the honeymoon period or better say after the happy-go-lucky phase as after that many women regrets marrying their husbands as usually there are reasons why women have more relationship regrets than men.

Top 5 Women Relationship Regrets after Marriage

The matter or the issue might be small but those fights usually leave scars. Also, when these issues continue in a relation, it is harmful for both and women’s regrets about their marriage starts gradually. Women’s marriage regrets should be taken seriously without any delay. The following are the 5 biggest regrets most women have from their relationship after marriage and those are the 5 regrets that could end up your marriage. So read on to know the top 5 women relationship regrets.

The first thing “I am not getting enough space”

When your marriage gets over, maximum of the decisions of your life is depended on your husband along with the family especially for decisions you need to take your husband’s permission. And if you get married in a joint family, then the chances of having enough space are rare and it is always tough for the couples to make romance in a joint family. As in that case, you might even have to explain everything to them. A series of this type of incident can just leave the mind to get more space and independence in life.

The second thing “I am not the same person anymore”

Almost everyone remains aware that marriage demand sacrifice and compromise but if you are the sole person to do the sacrifices, then you might feel regret. After all, why would anyone want to change everything about them just to please someone else? A little consideration and adjustment from the other person would also be nice.

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The third one “Didn’t want kids so early”

In many Indian families, right after the marriage, women start getting pressure from the in-laws for panning of kids. They don’t even get enough time to prepare herself for kids after marriage. Though having a baby is a normal thing but planning as per other’s choice can be considered for the same. Moreover, just like your husband, you too have to think about your career. Also, you need to spend some quality time with your husband and so enjoy a little with your husband. If you will have a baby, all your plans will go to rest as you will have foremost to work.

The fourth one “Lost touch with friends”

The family commitments might not leave you with anytime for your friends. The worse happens while you might keep denying going out with your friends every time due to some genuine reasons and they might think that you are making excuses. They themselves might stop considering you to be a part of their plans as they are busy also, getting distanced from friends is not at all a good feeling. And, if the reason for this will be your married life, then there are quite high chances of you feeling bad about your relationship.

The fifth one “Could have given my ex a second chance”

If you are unhappy in your marriage then it might just make you start comparing your husband with your ex and especially, if you go for an arranged marriage, the feeling that you had a better understanding with your ex, might just come to your mind. In that case, you must understand that such comparisons is definitely going to spoil your relation with your husband forever if women’s regrets about former flames. So, try to curb these thoughts as soon as they arise, else they can cost you your marriage!