5 best dresses to impress a girl on first date

First date is a very special day in everyone’s life. Everybody wants to look the best on their fir date so that they can impress their partner. How will you look has got so much to do with the way you dress up. Now a days, dressing up well is no more a girly thing. Even boys want to dress well and look their best. So here are some styling tips for men on what to wear on a first date with a girl? Here are some of the top dresses to wear on a first date with a girl.

What to wear on First Date


Tricks to impress girl on first dateWell suits are always a great choice for your first date. You can wear a formal or a semi-formal suit on your first date. Suit gives definition to your physique and enhances your personality. Also every man has a suit in his wardrobe so you are not even required to arrange for a new one. Suit is surely one of the best outfits to impress a girl on first date. Also suit will give a sign of your seriousness for your date.

Formal shirt

A formal shirt is always in trend for boys. You can tee it up with a formal pant or with a stylish denim. Also you can experiment a bit in colors. You can try the favorite color of your partner. A formal shirt worn, with a ribbed jeans will make it to one of the best dresses to impress a girl on first date.


You should never forget to wear a good watch on your first date. A good watch will give a complete view of your status. Also, bringing out your phone again and again to see time, will make your partner feel unimportant. This might leave a bad impression of you on your first date, which you really don’t want. However looking at your watch again and again will also not be pleasant for your partner. This gives a view that either you are not interested and want to end up the date.


Shoes play a very important role in dressing up. Your shoes should match up with your outfit; they should be clean and attractive. Shoes also act as a status symbol. So be careful about your shoe’s brand.


Belt is however not always visible, but that is not an important factor. You must wear a belt that is comfortable to you and goes well with your outfit.

These were the best dresses to wear on a first date with a girl now let’s have a look at what not to wear on first date with a girl.

Things not to wear on First Date

Funky shirts

Funky bright shirts or shirts with tacky prints are one of those outfits not to wear on first date with a girl. They give a very casual and normal look. Wearing shirts with floral prints and tacky bright colors are sufficient enough to spoil your date. You must avoid wearing a funky shirt. That will nowhere make you look cool on your first date.


Shorts and capris should be on the top in the list of dresses not to wear on first date with a girl. You are going on a date and not in a market to buy vegetables. You must avoid wearing shorts and capris.


You must avoid wearing slippers. That will just show how disinterested you are. Wearing slippers will act as a turnoff for your partner.

Now you have a clear view about things to wear and things not to wear on a first date. So get ready to impress your partner.

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