4 Signs He’s Not That Into You: Know It How?

Can there be anything more irksome than dating a guy whose feelings are confusing? Some days, he’s all lovey dovey while some days he behaves like he hardly cares. Each time you call him up he’s busy somewhere or the other. Is he really busy or is it just a cover up to avoid you? A busy workday is fine, but no work hours last more than 12 hours ever. Didn’t he have even 5 minutes in a day to talk to you? Do questions like these keep bothering you more than often? Are you still unsure about his feelings for you? Below, we have provided you with few signs that are a clear indication that he’s JUST not into you.

He never Calls back

Be it 1 missed call from you or 100 he never takes the initiative to talk to you. One, he would never call or text you first. Two, He’ll avoid your calls or texts. Three, despite the missed calls and innumerable text messages you never receive the reply. If either of the three is a frequent happening in your relationship then my friend, it should be a reason enough for you to believe that you are just not there in his list of priorities. A guy who is really into you will definitely spare 30 minutes of his day to know how you’re doing.

He doesn’t let you meet his friends or family

If he constantly avoids introducing you to his family and friends then obviously there is something fishy about him. Even after years of dating you, if the people in his family have no clue about your existence then you’re totally not at the right place. In some cases, family might create little issues and might not be open about the relationships and all, but if you haven’t met his best friend yet then pick up your baggage and run as quick as you can. This guy is definitely not into you.

He keeps his phone locked when you are around

A guy who gets intimidated when you are around his phone or computer is definitely creating some action outside. A guy who genuinely loves you will rather say, ‘Babe, please check the text for me or Please answer the phone and tell them I’m busy with you.’ A good, honest and loyal guy would never get intimidated with sharing phone passwords, Facebook passwords, etc. However, some people are not comfortable sharing their passwords. That’s about privacy, but if he gets uneasy and behaves awkward when you are around his phone or computer then something is really not right.

Portrays himself as Commitment Phobic

Now this is one of the most common tricks used by guys who are really not into you. You guys make out, share kisses, go out on movies, dates and do everything like a normal couple in relationship. However, when you discuss about your relationship he gets awkward.The common things that he would say include, ‘Babe you know I love you. I know you love me. Is the tag of relationship really important?, Relationships scare me. I feel chained. I just can’t be myself when I’m into a relationship’, or something really similar to this.

Ho wto know he is not made for meNow let’s get to what it actually means. One, like most girls think that a guy must have had a painful past and that’s why he has become commitment phobic is outright bullshit. Two, the self consolation that you ladies give yourself is useless. The bottom line is: He’s not that into you. If a guy really loves you, he’ll want all of you for himself. He’ll never leave you estranged to keep you confused. Girls, get out of this, ‘friends with benefits’ trap and save yourself as early as possible.

Final words

Falling in love is good. Being so blind in love that you fail to understand and face the reality is really not good at all. Always remember if your guy really loves you, you’ll never be left wondering about his behavior. He’ll keep it straight and it would show in his actions. See the truth behind his excuses and walk out of the trap.