4 Reasons to Match Kundali before getting Married

Relevance of Kundli Matching in MarriagesMarriage is an auspicious occasion for any Indian. As a matter of fact our whole world revolves around marriages. For us it is not just about tying the knot, it is more like a festival to be celebrated not just by the bride or groom but by their respective clans. Each and every person associated with the households is deeply engrossed in the preparations which play a crucial role in the successful completion of the holy ceremony.

Match Kundali before getting Married

Being born an Indian means you are a man of faith, the rituals and customs, the old prevailing social system is something that we cannot run away from. Our ancestors believed in right time to do anything that too in accordance with lunar constellation (Nakshastra) that is why Kundali matching (horoscope matching) is relevant for the success of the marriage.

Relevance of Kundli Matching in Marriages

Before marriage our elders feel it is important to understand the differences among the two personalities so it becomes important to get Kundalis matched before tying the knot, it is more like a method given by Vedic astrology to us. It helps us in knowing the different capabilities, capacities and certain personality traits which are quite common to people born under specific time of the year.

Reasons to Match Kundali before getting Married

We match Kundalis due to different reasons basic and the commonly understood cause is to know whether these people’s lunar constellations are compatible or not however it is not the only ground for which we go through the pain of Kundali matching. The reasons are:


It is important to match the Kundalis for life expectancy of any individual according to the Indian customs. Kundalis are matched to see that none of the partner has any issues in their respective Kundalis which might make their life any shorter.

Mental Compatibility

Whether the people who are supposed to lead their life in harmony have same mental level or not, for if they do not, in such a case the marriage will be a miserable one.

Child Birth

It is checked that the two people have at least possibility of a child in future based on their lunar constellation, for if they do not their marriage life will go for a toss.


It is checked to see if any of the partners have expectation of fatal accident or life threatening disease which would cut short their marriage bliss.


It is vital to check if the couple has any possible reason for long term separation in future. If they do is it deemed fit to let go of the proposal.

Financial Stability

Financial stability is checked individually as it also forms an effective part of one’s life.

Is Kundli Milan the right way to choose Life Partner

As you are aware that we have already discussed why horoscope matching is done and on what grounds, there is a doubt that emerges that is Kundali matching the right way to proceed towards marriage? Our society has undergone a major change, we are more educated ,know stuff better than our ancestors so why do not we just throw these typical rituals and customs like Kundali matching in the bin when we talk about life of two people who are supposed to spend their lives together. Astrology is an art that is still dominating in this age of technology, there are certain things that we do not understand and have to look up to old ways for the solution to them. It doesn’t harm one to match the Kundali before marriage however one should not be blind enough to not marry someone just on the pretext of a minor fault in the horoscope matching. The world is changing so are the ways to match the Kundali , now we can match Kundali online which is a service often provided by matrimonial websites. So, to conclude I would say we should match Kundali for the sake of our parents and if it a practice that doesn’t really matter it will go away in coming years.