3 Small & Sweet First Date Gift Ideas

Cheap price gift ideas for first dateThere probably isn’t a single person on this planet who does not dread the first date. Even the mention of the first date can make someone feel uncomfortable, especially those who have had their share of bad first dates. For many, this is a nerve-racking experience that can really take its toll on a person and overshadow all the good things about this event which should be exciting and enjoyable. 

While there is no arguing that first dates can be tricky because they can go awfully wrong in many different ways, it is also true that with the right attitude and approach, all the unwanted feelings and doubts can be overcome. One of the things that can help is bringing a gift that will not only win the affection of your date, but can be a great conversation starter as well. And of course, there are a few Sweet and small first date gift ideas for girls that will work each and every time.

Romantic Gift Ideas for girl on First date


Some say that flowers have become tacky and extremely old-fashioned. What once used to be a classic gift you couldn’t go wrong with can now be perceived as coming on too strong, especially if the flowers in question are red roses? However, there is an excellent alternative, one that will represent a smaller but much sweeter gesture – a single flower.

A single flower, being inexpensive and not as conspicuous, shows that you put some effort into the whole thing instead of simply going for the easiest idea that has certainly become overused. The real truth is that flowers will never become obsolete as they will always provoke positive emotions. The trick is simply to think of a new and unusual way to give them. A single flower is undoubtedly a new and much trendier gift. This is one of the best gift for a girl on first date. It is a marvelous and cheap gift for girl on first date.


Chocolate is another classic that, for some, can be seen as a no-effort gift which is, on top of everything, quite impersonal and unimaginative. And while there is some truth to it, it should also be noted that first dates are not usually a situation where people are encouraged to go out of their way to impress someone because this kind of enthusiasm makes people nervous in most cases, which means that it is best not to take any risks.

Yes, chocolate may be a cliché, but it does not have to be just another cheesy gift. It is one of the best gift ideas for a first date with a girl. A very small box of imported or local but unusual chocolate or even cookies can be an amazing gift as well as a bonbonniere.  Chocolate is a no brainer because almost everyone already likes it and after all, it is often said to be an aphrodisiac which is something that can only be beneficial for first dates. It is one of the top gifts for a girl on first date.

Personalized gifts

Believe it or not, personalized gifts can go a long way and some say that they are the ultimate first date gift. Of course, there are many choices here, which make everything a bit more challenging, but the end result cannot compare to anything else so it is worth the risk. The trick is to come up with something that you know your date likes. Think about their interests and choose something that will reflect that. Personalized gift can be the effective gifts for girls on first date.

For instance, if your date has a favorite author, singer, band, video game, choose your gift accordingly. Books can be a great gift as well as a CD or even a video game or any other kind of game for that matter. Yet another potentially great gift is something really unique which could perhaps reflect the way you met or something that will remind your date of your inside jokes or anecdotes. If you get it right and with a bit of effort, you will, your first date will immediately get off to a great start.

In case you don’t know your date so well or not at all, a personalized gift can be tricky so instead choose something that you like. That way, you will have something to talk about during the date and you will make it easier for your date to get to know a little part of you and your interests, which will be something that will lead to many different topics.

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