How to Deal with Sexual Harassment at Workplace, 5 Best Ways

To know how to deal with sexual harassment at workplace is very difficult. Normally, there don’t remain any witnesses as the harassers are clever enough to keep their activities private, and they obviously are aware that what they are doing is wrong. So it’s very important to learn how to deal with sexual harassment, so that the perpetrator doesn’t keep getting away with it. You always should be prepared to deal with your boss. The following are the top 5 tips to handle sexual harassment at work and what you can do if you find yourself on the receiving end. Continue reading “How to Deal with Sexual Harassment at Workplace, 5 Best Ways”

Negative Impacts of Divorce between Couple on Their Kids

Marriage is of course the union of two souls. It is too uncertain and marriage is not always successful. It may end up having a divorce. If the marriage ends before even having a kid, then the impact is much less. But, life becomes hell when divorce impacts on kids do not let the child to grow. There are a number of reasons for increasing rates of divorce day by day that you can find in preceding link.  Let us learn about negative impacts of divorce on kids. Continue reading “Negative Impacts of Divorce between Couple on Their Kids”

Is Physical Intimacy Necessary in a Relationship or Love

Often questions like is physical intimacy necessary in a relationship or is physical relationship important in true love come before us. And we do need to think about. Nowadays physical intimacy between couples is common though still there are sections of people who don’t want physical intimacy in relations as they don’t prefer physical intimacy before marriage. The reasons can be many for not having physical intimacy with boyfriend such as reserved character, religious thinking, upbringing, surroundings, and personal choice. If you ask me how delaying intimacy can benefit your relationship, then it will help you to make you feel less guilty if for some reason that relationship don’t work out because for most Indians, sex before marriage is still considered to be a sin. Continue reading “Is Physical Intimacy Necessary in a Relationship or Love”

Top 5 Tips for a First Blind Date, Dating Unknown Girl

Blind dates are exciting but at the same time full of tension too as you need to make good impression in the first chance only. So keeping that in mind, you need to know how to impress a girl on blind date. How to date an unknown girl first time is always a tough question. There are some tips for meeting a blind date and tips for a successful blind date including the blind date do’s and don’ts. So read on to know the top 5 tips for a first blind date or the first blind date top 5 tips. Continue reading “Top 5 Tips for a First Blind Date, Dating Unknown Girl”

Top 5 Dating websites of India to Find a Perfect Date

Finding a perfect date that is someone who is a soul mate or who falls perfect on to the checklist framed by you is quite rare. However these dreams can come true if users prefer or attempt to make use of websites to find a perfect date. People looking for a suitable partner can make use of Indian websites to find dating partner. They can thus comfortably access the sites to find best friends or date and most important persons in their life. Looking forward the concern of individuals we have bought forward best 5 dating websites of India which are really helpful for finding a perfect date. Continue reading “Top 5 Dating websites of India to Find a Perfect Date”

5 Biggest Regrets most Women have from their Relationship after Marriage

Marriage generally brings lots of happiness for a woman as it unites her with the man of her dreams. The experiences that they share and the love of her husband, the shoulder to cry on, someone to depend on simply makes a woman elated and excited. But, as we know, everything has its pros and cons. Likewise marriage also comes with bags and baggage. As marriage unites a woman with the man of her dreams, it brings a lot of happiness in her life. The cons of the marriage comes after the honeymoon period or better say after the happy-go-lucky phase as after that many women regrets marrying their husbands as usually there are reasons why women have more relationship regrets than men. Continue reading “5 Biggest Regrets most Women have from their Relationship after Marriage”

Top 6 Websites of India to find a Best Friend

Finding friends in this busy life has become a lot difficult these days; people hardly get time for anything in their hectic schedules so making friends is next to impossible. This is the reason why people seek for easier and better ways to make friends. Also with time use of computers has also increased, and people spend maximum of their time on computers. Thus, considering current scenario companies have developed different websites which are really helpful and acts as a platform for individuals in finding true friends online. For individuals who are looking for friends and are conducting search to find one, we have brought forward a list of best Indian websites to find a friend which can be helpful for accomplishing the task. Continue reading “Top 6 Websites of India to find a Best Friend”

Tips to Support & Encourage Spouse Career

Many of us will start really wondering how husband can support wife’s profession. Yes. You need to. In fact it is a mutual effort that has to be between the both. Women have career hurdles like health issues like delivering a baby etc. setting up a career is a real challenge even after personal commitments is met. Check it out how to face this challenge and resume going to work after having Baby. The career gap is a main concern for women. Here are few tips for husbands to support their wife’s career. Continue reading “Tips to Support & Encourage Spouse Career”

How to Celebrate Hug Day with your Boyfriend, Special Gifts, Celebration Ideas

Hug day comes just before the valentines’ day and undoubtedly every lover’s occasion. But before that, the whole week is celebrated and maximum girls like to give hug the most. And these days, obviously, maximum of the girls would be tensed for getting the perfect gift for their boyfriends for hug day. Don’t you think I am right? If you are also among those who want to gift something special to him on hug day, then just sit back and relax. Today, you are going to know top 5 gifts to give your boyfriend on hug day which will also describe how to celebrate hug day with your boyfriend and best hug day gifts to give your boyfriend. You can also know how to date a boy on hug day and best places to spend time with boyfriend on hug day. Continue reading “How to Celebrate Hug Day with your Boyfriend, Special Gifts, Celebration Ideas”