Can friendship and dating go together?

Friendship Turning to LoveWe often hear people talking about dating a friend because it is quite convenient to date known ones rather than choosing strangers for dating. The reason behind this thought is, friendship helps people to know each other in a much better way and this leads to successful dating however it is not the right thing to do always. Dating and friendship going together is often chosen by men, to save themselves from commitment. Whenever men are demanded of commitment they take the help of friendship prevailing within their relation to escape from such situation. Continue reading “Can friendship and dating go together?”

Does friendship between a boy and girl turn into marriage

Marrying a childhood friendStrong bond shared between a boy and girl can at times become difficult to understand and this can create problem for friends living in such relation and also for the society as a whole. We live in a society wherein boys and girls can never be seen as friends, girl and boy roaming together are considered as lovers and if they are seen holding hands then there are rumours about their marriage all around the place. Hence it is clear that boy and girl friendship is not at all taken casually. However biggest question lies about what is the end result of girl boy friendship or can a girl boy friendship turn to marriage. There are many things to be considered to arrive on to the conclusion as to what leads to friendship between boy and a girl. Continue reading “Does friendship between a boy and girl turn into marriage”

How to get true friends and friendship

One might keep on thinking that what are the possible ways of getting true friendship in this cruel world. Our life is not permanent and within this temporary setting it can be a lot difficult to have friends who stay with you for lifetime. Hence we have come up with some answers like what are the effective ways to find true friends, or can we find true friends online and reading this further would give answer to all your questions. Continue reading “How to get true friends and friendship”

5 Foods that Hurt Male Fertility

Causes of Male Fertility

5 Foods that Hurt Male FertilityAfter a couple is tied in wedding lock, it aspires for a baby. In case female does not get pregnant, she only goes to consult the gynecologist while male fertility is equally important. So many times it happens that sperms for fertility are not produced in the testes of male due to one reason or the other. Causes for male’s fertility are that until the male sperms are not strong, a female cannot conceive a child. When a couple longs for a child, along with the female, a male should also take care of his diet because if there is any deficiency in the womb of the female, the supplement diet of the male can fulfill it. Continue reading “5 Foods that Hurt Male Fertility”

How to celebrate Veterans Day, History, Celebration Ideas

Veterans Day Cards, Images, PostersVeterans Day is known as official holiday in United States. On this day, all American people serves honor for those who went for the war and never came back. Veterans Day is celebrated on 11th November. Usually known as the anniversary of world war 1st. Many people don’t know why Veterans Day celebrated? So it is celebrated to give respect and honor to the army officers who went for world war for their country. In US, a memorial day is also celebrated. And some people got confused that if there is Memorial Day, why Veterans Day celebrated? So the answer is, Veterans Day is celebrated for army officers, when on other hand, Memorial Day is celebrated for all the normal people who served. On this day, parents and teachers tell children about the history of Veterans Day. Or you can say America’s history. Continue reading “How to celebrate Veterans Day, History, Celebration Ideas”