Top 10 Bridal Nail Colors for This Wedding Season

Nail shades play a key role in defining your personality and adds glamour and glaze to the overall appearance of bride Hands draw attention and hence must be decked up with gorgeous bangles and accessories while nail color adds to the elegance and gives a complete touch to the attire and style. Hence trendy and exciting bridal nail colors are the curiosity of many bides and they wonder on how to choose best bridal nail color for this wedding season. Here is a list of top 10 bridal nail colors for this wedding season that allows you to flaunt your captivating and stunning hands during the big day of your life. It certainly accentuates your beauty and makes you stand out in the crowd. Continue reading “Top 10 Bridal Nail Colors for This Wedding Season”

Indian Wedding Decoration: Add Glamour and Glitz to Your Marriage Venue

Marriage Hall decoration Ideas for Indian MarriageElaborate decoration is an integral part of Indian weddings. The present generation Indian couples prefer embellishing their wedding venues with bright colors and rich, eye-catching decorations effusing signs of happiness ad celebration. Colorful weddings need necessary planning, preparation and coordination with flower decoration to reflect the conventional styles and customs associated with wedding ceremony. If you do not have the required time for planning the decoration, you can seek help from a premier wedding planner. Continue reading “Indian Wedding Decoration: Add Glamour and Glitz to Your Marriage Venue”

10 Things a Girl Needs to Know About her Periods

Things to know about periodsIf you are a lady, then you know how troublesome is your period days. Consistently in your conceptive years, you experience bunches of draining that are known as menstrual cycle which in the long run lead to uneasiness for some ladies. Commonly you even wind up adhering to your couch entire day just to dodge any issues.

You don’t need to stress over your menstrual cycle in the event that you simply take after these 10 tips that would at last make you dispose of your distress amid periods. Continue reading “10 Things a Girl Needs to Know About her Periods”

Why to Marry a Girl Selected by Parents

Arrange Marriage vs Love Marriage Debut in IndiaArrange marriages have been prevalent in the Indian country since ages wherein families of both boy and girl play a major role. The parents takes the responsibility for finding a suitable match for their children, wherein the parents of boy keeps looking for girl to marry to their son and similar things goes at the end of parents of girl. However, once the parents filter out the option, both boy and girl get an option to choose each other.

Marrying a girl who loves you is favoured by the youth, but our elders think that marrying a girl of parents choice is the correct thing to do, and their decisions would make your life more beautiful. The success stories of arrange marriages answers well as to why arranged marriages are better when compared to love marriages. Continue reading “Why to Marry a Girl Selected by Parents”

How to Enjoy a Blind Date and make it Successful

Love is everywhere, and one must know about the date same as date will know a little about you. The blind date description seems as too good for being true like an ideal partner’s perfect vision. Thus, how to enjoy a blind date and is it possible to meet your dream person on a blind date? Psychologist studied the behavior of couples as well as the nature of their relation. The result related to this is likely surprise you as the majority of the couples replied that both of them were introduced by their acquaintances that are mutual for the question how the person will meet. The matchmaking friends who are also excited just they will be going to convince you as both are perfect for each other by making blind date memorable along with make yourself ready for a blind date by knowing one another. Continue reading “How to Enjoy a Blind Date and make it Successful”

Simple Nail Art Designs at Home for Beginners

Most of us adore nail art designs and patterns. It ranges from an array of colors to different sleek deigns and captivating strokes. Nail art and designs seem complex and difficult and hence it brings in a fear before we begin with the process. However it is quite an easy art and requires little practice in the beginning. We keep wondering on how to do simple nail art designs that shall give a gorgeous look to our nails. Here are some ideas on simple nail art designs at home for beginners that works on both short and long nails and decorates it with different styles. Want to date or impress your boy in college, then try these nail art designs, it will surely impress your guy. They are easy and simple and hence encourage anyone to start with. Continue reading “Simple Nail Art Designs at Home for Beginners”

Why Regular Pregnancy Check Ups are Important for Mother

Why regular pregnancy checkup is necessaryPregnancy is all together about entering into a new phase of life, and this is not just for the mother but for the father as well. A new member is soon going to be a part of your family and this adds on responsibility on the shoulders of your parent. Every parent is expected to take proper care of the child and give him the best out of everything.

However before all this it is important that a pregnant woman is taken care of such that she remains healthy during the pregnancy period and thereby gives birth to a healthy child. However to ensure that mother is healthy all during the phase of pregnancy it becomes important that she undergoes routine pregnancy checkups where in the experts can guide her towards what all good things she can do and what should be avoided which can affect her and her child. These checkups can be considered as preventive measures which are necessary to be taken in order to save one from dreadful consequences.

Benefits of health checkups

Many of us might be thinking that why to have pregnancy check up or is it that really important to consult a doctor and if yes then when to go for pregnancy check up such questions may arise in the minds of would be parent. However concerning doctor for pregnancy check up should be a part of your routine and one should consult them throughout the phase such that they can guide you for ways to keep good pregnancy health; Continue reading “Why Regular Pregnancy Check Ups are Important for Mother”

Is technology a boon for Relationships: Impact of Technology on Relations

Technology Impact on relationsWe are in the technology world. We are just surrounded by electronic gadgets. Every other palm has a gadget in it and we tend to make ourselves busy with it. We make ourselves very easy reachable by any other person in any part of the world. But, just think and give a second thought! Are we making us reachable to someone with whom we share a room? Definitely this is the biggest troubles of most of the divorce cases these days. It is not just applicable to our love in our life. Imagine we don’t even tend to give respect to few elders sitting in front of us rather concentrate in chatting, face booking, messaging and tweeting. Is this value addition to our life fair? There are so many Ways technology affects relationships.  It is time to realize how technology affects relationships. Continue reading “Is technology a boon for Relationships: Impact of Technology on Relations”

5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutes

5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutesWe all crave for beautiful hair with a luster and shine to mesmerize people by doing different hairstyles. There are plenty of hairstyles that can be done according to the theme of parties and occasions and win over the crowd. However most of the lavish hairstyles are done in parlors by experts and it inevitably gets a hole in your pocket. So if you want to shun the notion of splurging and wish to enjoy some easy hairstyles then here are perfect 5 easy natural hairstyles done in 5 minutes. You can try them in tuition or regular classes or during evening strolls with friends and in other simple occasions. These amazing 5 easy natural hairstyles can be done easily and on different lengths of hair. Continue reading “5 Easy Natural Hairstyles done in 5 minutes”