Why Do Breakups Hurt So Much: Top Reasons to Look At

When we enter into a relationship, we feel a sense of euphoria that stems from the fact that we are so much in love that we are certain that nothing can break this bond. What we really do is fantasize about an eternal bond that will never break and this lulls us into an illusion where we feel secure and happy. Why do breakups hurt so much? When something happens to sour the relationship and one party walks out on the other, there is a feeling of panic and despair compounded by loss that is difficult to explain and cope. Continue reading “Why Do Breakups Hurt So Much: Top Reasons to Look At”

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me: What Should I Do – Top 5 Signs

When we were in teens we thought love is invincible. Something that is exceptionally immune to other outside force and something that will overcome all the obstacles and come out stronger. However, as we grew up we realize that couples today are forgetting the meaning of loyalty and the bubble of love is pricked and infidelity has taken over in our relationships. Often we hear of boys cheating their girlfriends in a relationship. But it’s not just the boys but the girls too. Even the girls are found cheating boyfriends in a relationship. The good point is these things are often backed with warning signs. Many a time experts encounter questions such as, ‘my girlfriend cheated on me, what should I do?’ So, now with this article we’ll tell you how to find girl friend is cheating on you? Moreover, what are the ways to deal with cheating girlfriend? Read below to find out. Continue reading “My Girlfriend Cheated on Me: What Should I Do – Top 5 Signs”

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Valentine Day

Valentine Day is a special occasion for the lovers. Whether you’re single or coupled up come February 14th, obviously there are certain things which you should bear in mind to help the day go more smoothly. So check out the top 5 do’s and don’ts for your first Valentine Day. The below are top 5 do’s and don’ts for men on Valentine’s Day. Do read on to know those.

The Valentine’s Day Don’ts for the Savvy Single

First of all Don’t Forget

Among the do’s and don’ts of Valentine Day gifts, the worst thing would be forgetting all about it. So for that, put it on your calendar in big red letters and few days before of it, but make sure you put a reminder in your day planner or your smart phone.

Don’t buy Kitchen Appliances or anything else Practical

This occasion is supposed to be a little extravagant and in order to know how to celebrate Valentine Day in a new relationship; you should choose a nice gift which is out of the ordinary. Buying kitchen appliances or something like that is not romantic.

Don’t try to do the same thing which you did last year

Even though your last idea worked well, but your partner will appreciate something new and different. She will want to know that you thought about her as you planned your Valentine’s Day gift or event.

Don’t try to Overspend

This might sound as funny Valentine’s Day do’s and don’ts but if you share a bank account and a credit card with your sweetheart, then breaking the bank will be a bad idea. Try to remain within your budget and have the nicest evening you can afford.

Don’t do the Typical Guy Stuff

Your favorite sports team might be in town or you might be interested to take her to a sports bar for the dinner but just don’t do it. Try to take time for her on this day and so stay away from the guy stuff.

Do's and Don'ts on Valentine Day, Valentine Day Tips

The Valentine’s Day Do

Send her a Beautiful Gift to Work

Like the don’ts, there are 5 creative things to do on this Valentine Day and one of them is to send her something on Valentine’s Day. She will be happy and will definitely show that in front of her peers that she is loved and remembered on Valentine’s Day.

Try to make a Homemade Valentine

The cards from the store are nice but your partner will really appreciate to know you love her if you take the time to make your own Valentine card. Taking time to do something out of the ordinary is romantic.

Try to Cook for her

Again doing something out of the routine is very important to show you care. If you can, then make her do the breakfast in bed, or try cooking a romantic dinner for two can be fun for you and let her know you were willing to go the extra mile.

Don’t forget the Romance

This occasion is all about romance. This means taking the time to do like dressing up for your dinner out, leaving little love notes around, or being on time for your commitments. Though guys aren’t often good at romance, but you should note that it is important to her.

Write her a Love Letter

In your own handwriting, try to tell her what she really means to you. Most importantly, make her believe why you would choose her all over again if you had to. She’ll keep that letter as a cherished part of her life. Lastly, there is no need for the surviving Valentine’s Day – do’s & don’ts for the savvy single as they are no strings attached.

Top 5 Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend to Surprise Him on His Birthday

Looking out for ways to strengthen your relationship? There is no better day than his birthday to make him feel special. Boys are not a tough nut to cracks. Little things, little gestures and little ideas make them feel wanted and loved. Gifts are special and when coupled with a nice gesture they make the best birthday gift for boyfriend. However, girls often fail to identify the best birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. Below, we have listed down some special gifts to give boyfriend on his birthday. Simply, pick any of these gifts and make him feel special and loved on his birthday.    Continue reading “Top 5 Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend to Surprise Him on His Birthday”

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Maintaining a long distance relationship is quite tough but if you can manage it can be one of the most exciting and beautiful one. In the search to find the perfect Valentine gift, many people go through LDR gift guides and come up empty handed. But here are 5 best gifts to give your long distance girlfriend. You can gift her as Valentine’s presents for long distance relationships and make this Valentine’s Day memorable for your girlfriend. Continue reading “Top 5 Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day”

5 Relationship Problems after Marriage and Ways to Solve Them

After marriage we often begin to take relationships for granted. We don’t really intent to take relationships for granted. But as the saying goes we tend to forget how much something really matters to us until we stand a chance to lose it. Moreover, it tends to take a lot of effort to realize the importance and value of things in our life. With marriage there are multiple problems and stress building up every day. Depending upon the bond and comfort you share with your partner the degree of trouble in a relationship may vary too. Continue reading “5 Relationship Problems after Marriage and Ways to Solve Them”

How to Choose a Perfect Bra for Girlfriend – Should I ask her Bra Size

Gifting lingerie can be provocative or demure, impractical or useful, dreamily romantic or racy. As a gift, such as a bra, it will be considered thoughtful and appropriate if chosen well. If you any days plan on giving your girlfriend an intimate gift of lingerie or intimate apparel, you should know how to buy a bra for your girlfriend. But make sure that before you embark upon the bra-buying quest, your relationship with her is intimate enough to think of giving her a bra as a bra isn’t a good first gift. The following are 5 easy steps to buy a bra for girlfriend. Continue reading “How to Choose a Perfect Bra for Girlfriend – Should I ask her Bra Size”

Top 5 Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend to Surprise Her on Birthday

Our girlfriends always try and do special things to make us feel loved and wanted. So, why not make them feel special too?  As we all know, girls love surprises and gifts. The gifts act as a re-assurance to them that you care for them and remember little details about them. There are tons of things that you can do to make girlfriend feel special. Moreover, if it is her birthday you just can’t make any mistake. Birthdays are the only days you can call your own and when it comes to girls they mean all the more to them. There are multiple things you can do for her on her birthday. However, we have brought out a list of best birthday gifts for girlfriend. You can pick any of these special gifts to give girlfriend on her birthday. Continue reading “Top 5 Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend to Surprise Her on Birthday”

My Boyfriend cheated on me – What should I do: Top 5 Signs

A relationship goes through several stages. Some of these are happy phases whereas in some cases things get rocky and ugly.  The problem is some people are so manipulative that you hardly can identity if the relationship is going through a rough patch or not. If you are not able to identify that a relationship is going through a tough phase you’ll never be able to know when the time to move on in life is. A lot of girls come up with this tricky question, ‘My Boyfriend cheated on me- What should I do?’ See, there is no definite rule to find out whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. However, if you actually are in the state of doubt then probably something is really going amiss in your relationship. Below, we have listed down few tips that will help you find boyfriend is cheating or not? Go through this list and access when it is the right time to pack your bags and move out of this relationship. Continue reading “My Boyfriend cheated on me – What should I do: Top 5 Signs”

Top 6 Matrimonial Websites of India to Find a Perfect Soulmate

Finding soul mates or partners for life is a tough decision to make, and it is very important to find someone who matches to your personality and specifications well. Earlier finding Soulmate was a difficult task to do, but with invention of internet all of this has been made a lot easy and specifically Indian websites to find a life partner have been developed to provide help to users and they can thus find an Indian wedding partner online. The world become so much globalized that nowadays you can also watch cricket matches online, movie streaming websites are there, mobile apps for tv serials, etc. Look out for matrimonial websites to find an Indian life partner and experience love and togetherness in your life. Continue reading “Top 6 Matrimonial Websites of India to Find a Perfect Soulmate”